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Everybody watches sports. Even people who’re not regulars in following Premier League or the latest tennis tournaments are still turning in to when the World Cup is playing on TV. Or when the Olympic Games are on, shouting for their favourites. As expected, in a world of money and commerce, some smart people have turned these sporting events into important streams of income that are now some of the most importing industries around.

The sports betting industry, which is the main topic thus far if you’ve missed it, is simply huge. Billions of dollars are played every single year in the entire world on sporting events. Fans from all over the world are betting on their teams and hoping they will finally get the wager right and win that well-expected prize. Odds are calculated once too many times, bets are placed again and again, but for the most part, nothing happens as the player expects.

The sports betting industry

As with most industries revolving around betting, sports wagering is mostly the same as casinos are. You place your bet, there’s an odd that you can pick and then you’re presented with a possible win. If you somehow manage to get the prediction right and score on all of the matches on one ticket, you win the presented sum. If not, you lose the bet. The simplicity of sports betting is at the base of the massive success this industry is still enjoying.

How great and valuable is the sports betting industry today? Well, for starters, the entire industry is expected to gross $8 billion by 2025. That’s in four years now, so not that long. And the number is just for the US market, which means the global numbers could only be a few times more than that. The future of sports betting? It relies on a thing called the blockchain, with the help of its friends “Bitcoin” and “the provably fair algorithm“.

OneHash: mutual betting on the blockchain

OneHash is one of the many Bitcoin gambling platforms, but which comes with a unique feature, mainly mutual betting on sports, financial events and many more. You can bet on the latest matches that run on television, or basically anything else. How and why? We’ll get to that in a moment. You can use Bitcoin only when betting on OneHash, the original cryptocurrency. Besides sports betting, you can also play slots, dice, moon and a few more games.

The best thing about OneHash? It’s 100% provably fair and has a small fee of around 1% for everything. This means that as soon as you place a bet on OneHash, there’s most certainly the chance of you winning. How? Because there’s a mutual betting system installed that lets users bet against one another, not against a house. Bets? You can put them on sports, eSports, market ups and downs, special events and so on.

Bonuses – How to win on OneHash every time

As its completely provably fair and on the blockchain, OneHash has made it possible for its users to bet without them even signing up for an account. If you want to do so and register, there’s a great bonus waiting for you. All you have to do is deposit a few BTC and then have the money doubled by the percentage of the event you’re about to bet on. This means you can have a final multiplier of 10% capped.

All you have to provide in order to register on the site is an email address. You can play the bonus on whatever sporting event you want, as well as slots, dice and other games that have a multiplier over x1.1 or a probability lower than 50%. When you win, you can take your money down to the dice game, which is provably fair and has a 1% house edge, or a slot which can have an x1000 multiplier. And you can do this with how many emails you want.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most important cryptocurrency ever invented, and the original one, ofcourse. Ever since its inception, it has revolutionised the way millions around the world are transitioning goods online. It came with its good and bad parts but, for the most part, it was and still is an important part of the digital economical world. When it comes to OneHash, there were four important reasons why the team decided to use just Bitcoin as a method of banking.

Safety: the thing that makes Bitcoin so safe is that, although everything is anonymous for users, the transactions that they partake are public on the blockchain, the distributed ledger where everything happens. Bitcoin has a protocol that cannot be manipulated by anyone, be it a person or a government.

Speed: you can receive or send Bitcoin wherever you are in the world at any time you want. There is no banking, no crossing borders, no fees, no limitations when you’re ready to transfer your virtual cash from place to place.

Low price: because there is no middle man, there aren’t many fees you have to pay in order to get your money around. Some exchanges and casinos charge a small fee for withdrawals but other than those, you’re pretty much free from taxes with the Bitcoin.

Anonymity: whenever you’re making a payment or receiving one on the blockchain, with Bitcoin namely, you don’t have to have any personal information attached to your internet entity in order for the transaction to go through. Bitcoin is also protecting you from identity theft by its nature.

Betting on OneHash

Now that you know just how incredible Bitcoin is (you might be familiar with this already but it’s nice to wonder at the amazing crypto world from time to time, isn’t it?) let’s talk about the actual betting possibilities on the OneHash platform. You can either bet on sports, eSports, special events and many more. The events are laid out just like with any traditional sports betting platform. You just have to pick one, place a wager on who you think is going to win, or whatever other combination that’s available and then hopes for a positive outcome.

When it comes to the actual notion of betting, there are two ways in which you can place your wagers, by using the BTC deposited on the OneHash platform or by direct transfer to a given event. In both cases, the procedure is as follow:

  • Choose the event that you wish to bet on and bet on a win, lose or tie by pressing the Bet button;
  • Step two depends on the way you’re going to go with your betting.

Bet with the OneHash wallet:

  • Simply put an amount in and then hit the Place a bet button;
  • After you’ve pressed that you’ll see the OK pop up on the screen, hence you are done with it and then wait for the outcome.

Bet with particular transfers:

  1. You will need to provide a Bitcoin address where you will receive your winnings if your wagers turn out positive for you;
  2. You will be given a unique address where you will be asked to send the number of Bitcoins you want to wager on, with the minimum bet accepted being 0.0001BTC;
  3. Once the bet is accepted, the same OK will pop up on the screen and you’ll be asked for an email address so that the site can let you know how the betting has turned out.

Other games

Besides sports betting there are a few more games you can enjoy on the OneHash platform. These are dice, slots, moon and goals, each of which have their own particularities and incentives to have players excited about trying their luck and technique on the site. All of these games are provably fair.

  • Dice: one of the most popular games on the blockchain originating from the simple dice. It allows you to personally modify chances and odds and parameters for the ultimate experience in online games of chance;
  • Goals: a new creation by OneHash in which the main idea is to fool the goalkeeper and put the ball in the net. There are 3 levels you can play and all you have to do to reach as big of a win as possible is to score as many goals in a row as you can;
  • Moon: the popular game of Crash is remade in Moon, the game on OneHash that has the sole objective of you not pushing the eject button too late. You’ll be able to discover the entire game as you go;
  • Slots: a classic of the brick-and-mortar casino, slots are the pinnacle of gambling all over the world. A provably fair version of this game is inciting and new, with benefits like the 1% house edge and provably fairness all through the reels. This way, you can be sure the casino has had no deal in the outcome of the spins.

OneHash grows. And that’s great!

There’s a ton of opportunity in the still young industry of online provably fair games and casinos. OneHash is just one of the portals that have taken provably fairness to its complete potential by offering not just the usual games like dice or crash but also sports betting, a great industry that’s getting disrupted because of the blockchain. OneHash is expanding and grows into a community of gamers who love trust and mutual correctness. And that’s great!

Gabriel James

As a casino games lover, the rise of provably fairness is something I am very happy about. Make no mistake about it, casinos are taking advantage of players. Provably fair games solve a lot of those fairness issues people are uncomfortable with.

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