The game of dice is probably one of the easiest in the world. Regardless if you’re playing it on the laptop, phone or physically, it’s as simple as throwing one or many dice and see which one of the players gets the best value out of them. Because of its simplicity and quick turnaround, dice games are still a favorite amongst gamblers or friends who’re gathering around a table and looking for a simple game they can partake. On the blockchain, the dice game comes in many forms but they’re all maintaining the same rules as the original, with minor twists.

Dice games

There are many variations of the dice game, as you’d expect. The more famous one is the original, where one or two dice are thrown and the value of the hand is considered when betting on a number that’s lower or higher than the dice value. For example, if the number on display is 9, you can bet on a lower or higher total value than 9 and if you win, you get the pot. If the number is lower than 9 and you bet on higher, you lose the pot.

Dice and provably fair

There’s an ambiguous large number of casinos online that offer dice games. Most of them are regular, one-dice prediction games where players have to predict the outcome of a certain dice throw. Others deal with lower or higher than a certain number bets, where players bet on whether their throw of the dice will come up with a lower or higher than a certain number total value. Regardless of the situation, one thing is certain, and that is no online casino can directly show you that they’ve used a randomized number generator when you pressed the button for the dice throw.

Thanks to an algorithm like the provably fair, you can now see for yourself if the outcomes of your sessions or hands have been indeed random. The algorithm ensures every single hand that you’re about to play is randomly generated and that it can show you the entire session at the end of it. This is possible because of the use of a client seed and a serverseed.

Client seed and server seed

These two seeds are extremely important in the provably fair algorithm and therefore the game they’re implemented in. Before the dice game even begins, the server emits a serverseed which contains the entire session you’re about to play. It has the outcomes of the hands, the randomly generated values and so on. Next comes the client seed, which is a code that’s given to the player before the game begins.

When the game is over, the serverseed is released to the public. This is when, using the clientseed the player has received at the start of the game, he or she can now read the encrypted serverseed and therefore reveal the complete session and compare the results to see if the choices the algorithm has made match with the ones it revealed during the game. This ensures 100% fairness with all of the dice thrown in the session.

House edge on dice

As with most games on the blockchain, the house edge on the dice game is extremely low. Usually, the house edge is set at around 1%, which makes not just for a possibly profitable game, but also for a very incentive one. People see the 1% house edge and immediately want to try their luck by throwing the dice away. Play carefully though, as the house edge has nothing to do with the mechanics or the technique of the dice game itself.

How to play the dice game

Based on the online Bitcoin casino you’re about to start gambling on, there are many interfaces that you will find on the dice game. Usually, there’s a general interface that’s common with most of these online places. First of all, you’ll see a betting section where you’ll enter the amount you want to bet with each played hand.

After that’s done, you will enter a lucky number that’s going to be your bet multiplier. The game then can make you either predict a value, for example a number that’s going to be diced out or it can make you bet on whether the dice value will be lower or higher than a certain number randomly generated by the game.

When you’re done with betting and choosing your side, you will click on the button that will roll the virtual dice. Based on the outcome of the hand played, you can either win or lose the bet. When you win, all of the bets will go to your account. On the other hand when you lose, you will have your money taken away from you and into the pockets of the house.