Play provably fair slots on the blockchain

When it comes to the dominating games of Las Vegas, nothing beats the slot machines. As you’d expect, the slots have taken over the online gambling industry as well, so when the virtual coins were introduced, they made their way to the top of the online Bitcoin casino industry. What’s so special about these blockchain-based slots? Everything from the currency used, to the fairness and the endless possibilities for a trustworthy, entertaining game.

One of the most important differences between the normal and the blockchain slots is the usage of the provably fair algorithm. Also, the extremely quick withdrawal options are a big incentive amongst players all over the world, with some casinos offering automatic payouts. Because the blockchain-based slot is so special, here’s a full description of what it means, how it works and why it’s so much better than the regular slot.

Traditional vs. Bitcoin slots

The differences between the traditional and Bitcoin slots are many, but one thing is certain: most players who make the switch between the first and the latter are almost never turning back to the classic version of the games. As soon as they find their favourite blockchain slot, they never look back. Why? Because there are now new, innovative slot machines specifically designed for the blockchain, offering modern graphics, great sound effects and a better feel of the gameplay.

Besides the visual aspects of things, one more important feature of the blockchain slots is the usage of the famous provably fair algorithm. The algorithm is designed in such a way that it can prove the fairness of the outcome of every single spin of the slot. This makes the Bitcoin slot machines superior from any other online slots, because none of the traditional providers can prove it to its players that they ensured the game was in no way rigged.

Types of blockchain slots

Adding the provably fair algorithm and the possibility of paying with Bitcoins for your spins to an already popular game and you have a clear winner with these new types of slots. Still, most slots you’ll find on the blockchain are still looking like the classic games from a few days back. You’ve got your lucky Sevens, your Bars, Cherries, Diamonds and so on, which have made slots into the popular games that they are today. It doesn’t matter what theme you’re into, what matters is, you will most likely find your favorite game on the blockchain.

When it comes to the actual types of slots on the blockchain, there are two main categories from which you can choose as a player. You can either go for a straight or a progressive slot. Here’s the distinction between the two:

Straight slots: There’s a fixed set of winnings from which you can win credits to your bankroll. This way, you will always know how much you’re about to win if you land on a certain combination of symbols on the reels.

Progressive slots: Because they offer a jackpot that is raised with each new spin of the reel, the progressive slots are the most popular slot machines on the blockchain. By playing on a connected medium of progressive slots, you can raise your maximum possible winnings to the absolute maximum imaginable. The moment one lucky player hits the famous jackpot, he gets his money and then the sum drops back to zero and starts picking up again with each spin of the reel.

The reason why progressive Bitcoin slots are so popular is because of the very whey the Bitcoin works. The progressive jackpots are able to go to such immense sums thanks to the BTC-denominated jackpots, which are able to rise, in terms of flat prices, the moment someone wins the pot. And also, because there’s the provably fair algorithm involved which ensures trustworthiness and the entire global community can play at fast speeds from wherever the players might be, means that every single player can verify the game for its randomness and fairness with each spin that they play.

Bitcoin slots, are they legal?

Are these new, innovative slot machines based on the blockchain and playable with Bitcoins truly legal? Can you play them with ease of mind that you’re not doing anything outside of the law. In all honesty, the legality of Bitcoin games is based on the country or territory in which you reside. In general, if the casino is licenced, and is offering you with Bitcoin slots that are based on the blockchain, then yes, you can very much play the games with no worries. If you play them in the country where they’re licensed, of course.

Some countries have no regulatory measures on these newer slots simply because the Bitcoin cannot be regulated by government or parliamentary laws. The best way to go about this and see if you can play your Bitcoin slots in peace is to verify if the casino you’re on is licenced in your country and complies with the legal requirements which allows players to play these games within the said jurisdiction for which the licence has been issued.