Blackjack is one of the most famous card games in the world. The simple idea behind the game is what makes blackjack such a popular game. All you have to do is reach for 21 or lower and beat the house with your hand. Strike 21 and you’re a winner. Go over 21 and the house takes all of your chips. In a world where new technologies are emerging with each passing day, having the chance to play a fair and trustworthy game of blackjack is now a possibility. You can verify the outcomes of your played hands with the help of a special algorithm that will ensure a level of in-game fairness no traditional online casino could ever match.

Blackjack on the blockchain

Bitcoin has grown up to become one of the most widely spread methods of payment in the casino industry in the last 5 years. This makes playing games like blackjack easy for those people who’re into privacy and legitimate control of their assets. The blockchain and cryptocurrencies are able to offer innovative features for gamblers that are not to be found anywhere else, which makes even the simple game of blackjack into a special one.

Regardless if you’re into blackjack for a year or for 20, all players can make the most out of this classic when playing it on the blockchain. Actually, you have a better chance at a fair game and trails when you’re a novice if you chose to play blackjack on the blockchain rather than on a traditional casino portal. Why? It’s all about the software blockchain-based casinos are using, making some adjustments in order to ensure your game is played in the most fair way possible.

The basics of blockchain blackjack

The rules of blackjack are simple. All you have to do is to get to 21 or as close as possible to this value with your hand of cards without going over this sum. This is a tricky rule, to be completely fair, as the more correct rule would be to simply get a better hand than the dealer has and not always try to overdo or overthink it. One card too many and you can go over 21 and lose the pot.

As with your traditional blackjack game, the same rules apply with the blockchain blackjack. The first step is making the bet. When the game starts, players choose an amount of money they want to bet on their hands. Usually the casino will show a list of available ranges of bets. Based on what portals you’re playing on, the ranges will differ. Most sites will present you with a 1-100 dollars US betting ranges. After placing bets, the dealer will proceed to dealing the hands.

As soon as players see their hand, they can either hit, stand or double down. If the player has been dealt a pair, they can also split if they choose to. You will be presented with all of these options on your screen, so you can easily choose the one you want to go with. If you’re playing on a live casino portal, the dealer will take care of dealing additional cards or presenting the outcome of the hand. In a virtual casino room, the software is responsible for doing this.

There are certain important aspects that differentiate blockchain-based blackjack from the traditional kind. One of them is the unlimited number of decks of cards that can be used in a game. As you might know, most online casinos allow 6 to 8 decks for a complete session. On the blockchain, there’s no such limit.

In theory, blackjack is considered to be one of the most player-friendly games of chance on Earth, with a house edge smaller than 1%. Still, there are a few key variables you need to take into account when considering this lower-than-normal house edge. One of them is the number of decks the portal you’re on is using for the game. With every extra deck of cards the casino adds to the table, the house edge jumps higher and higher. Along with other special rules, this is an aspect that all players should consider when playing a traditional game of blackjack or a blockchain-based one.

Card values in blockchain blackjack

As with the traditional blackjack, with most variations, regardless if we’re talking traditional or blockchain-based, blackjack card values are as follows:

    • The cards from 2 to 10 are keeping their face values;
    • The Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 10;
    • The Aces could be worth 1 or 11 based on the more profitable outcome for the player.

Blockchain blackjack casinos

There are dozens upon dozens of casinos that are now offering full blockchain-based blackjack tables, both live and virtual ones. The main thing to look for is for the casino to have the provably fair algorithm implemented. This will allow you to verify the outcomes of the hands that you’re playing and thus make sure you haven’t been cheated on by the house in any way. With traditional casinos, there’s no way you’ll ever be able to do that.