DuckDice Review

DuckDice is one of those online casinos that have done a great job in terms of interface and user-friendliness. The first step is a tutorial newcomers have to go through before doing anything else. The easy-to-use sign-up sheet is intuitive, so you will be having your own DuckDice account in no time.

As we’ve said already, the design on DuckDice is immaculate. The gameplay on the game itself is flawless, which makes for a great overall experience, more so that the interface has recently been redesigned for an even more beautiful experience. The reliability of the site is taken very seriously by DuckDice, which means you will not be upset by unfavourable instances. The portal was made public in 2017 and has its HQ in Curacao. The currencies accepted here are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Moero, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DASH and Ethereum.

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Playing on DuckDice

There’s only one game on DuckDice, a simple bet-placing game against randomly generated numbers. After you register with the portal, you will get a username and password and then begin playing by using either the faucet available or by depositing some of your own cryptocurrency to the provided address.

Next, you will be able to modify the game to your liking, including odds and payout multipliers for as long as you want. Then, you will be able to choose the rolling over and rolling under the numbers that are about to be generated randomly. If you roll your dice in between the two numbers, you will be rewarded by the matching payout, in Bitcoin or any other currency that you decide to use. When you’re done playing, request a withdrawal and choose the amount of virtual money you will like to be sent to your virtual wallet.

One of the more recent features of DuckDice is the lottery. There’s a daily draw of numbers, making things on the site more interesting than just playing the dice game. There’s also a new feature called the Sniper, in which players can compete against each other in the dice game. With this one, you will have a 10-second window to compete against another player. If you don’t get another player to join your game within 10 seconds, you will be playing against the portal.

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Bitcoin faucet on DuckDice

A Bitcoin faucet is common with most online casinos. Here, the faucet is available without the need for a CAPTCHA code to be introduced. All you have to do is play a tic-tac-toe game before you can turn the faucet on. If you beat the game, you will get a reward of 0.0000015 BTC. There’s a cap of 30 times in which you can request free money per day.

Lucky Bet Bonus on DuckDice

One of the reasons why DuckDice is so notoriously famous is the Lucky Bet bonus. All you have to do in order to qualify for this bonus is to match the bet you’re about to make with the one set by the site. If you hit the numbers right, you get the bonus. The good news is, there are no limits on how many times you can do this.

Duck hunt on DuckDice

Keep an eye out for a flying duck that can stroll on the screen whenever you’re betting away. If you see her, click on it without hesitation. The price for hunting the duck is great, 0.00001 BTC.

Tip Feature on DuckDice

If you find it fit, you can actually tip other players or even members of the online chat community on DuckDice. You can do this free, as there are no fees for these transactions. Remember to use this feature with caution, as this is not a banking transfer method you should use between you and your mates, nor is it possible to transfer your last funds to another player because you want to drop your account.

Progressive Jackpot on DuckDice

DuckDice comes with a progressive jackpot, which is uncommon for Bitcoin-based online casinos. The starting amount for the jackpot is 0.25BTC. The only way you can land on the jackpot is if you roll a 7777 and also have 7 as your final digit of your ID bet. Tricky, but not impossible.

Deposits and Withdrawals on DuckDice

As soon as you’re a registered user, transactions will seem easy on the site. All you have to do in order to add money to the account is to click on Deposit on the main interface, then you can transfer some of your Bitcoins to the address you’ll be given. If you have a mobile wallet, scan the QR code and send your coins to the account this way. If you’re into another type of coin, you will need ShapeShift in order to pay for them.

There’s an approximately 10-minute waiting time after your deposit for the coins to reach your online account and become available within your balance. Withdrawals are as simple as deposits. All you have to do is enter the desired amount and the address of your virtual wallet, after which you click on Withdraw and that’s that. The request will be dealt with by DuckDice in minutes, so you’ll have your money available immediately.

Security and Support on DuckDice

The support section on DuckDice is brilliant, convenient and clear. You will get all of the areas of the site covered under this section, as the FAQ is helpful and insightful in detailing every aspect of the site and game that you can be interested in, as well as rules, regulations, laws and so on.

You can register with just a username at first if you want to as a player, storing your details in a cookie browser. Still, you will never be able to access your account from another device if you decide to go for this version of an account. If you clear your browsing history and cache memory, you will forever lose the information on your account. The best way to go here, for security reasons, is to create a full account with a password.

Final thoughts

DuckDice might be a newcomer when it comes to Bitcoin-friendly portals, but the site has come a long way and is now amongst the very best of the industry. The community raised around the game is what makes their platform unique, having people from the world over interacting and playing games together.

Another thing that puts DuckDice on the map of internationally-renowned Bitcoin casinos is the promotions and bonuses available. In terms of dice sites, this is a rarity, unfortunately. The features are encouraging for players who are new into the Bitcoin gambling genre, being an incentive for them to play these new games and experience a world where fairness is regulated with the help of the provably fair algorithm.

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