The Big Brother of bingo and lotteries, Keno has them all: fun, excitement, entertainment and possible huge winnings. If you love the thrills of bingo and the huge possible winnings of lottery, you have a winner with keno, one of the most famous games of all time. Experiencing the game at first might be confusing, but with a little preparation you can get your facts straight and enjoy one game that’s like no other… except bingo and the lottery.

Keno is a game originating from China. It was brought to the US in the 1800s by Chinese immigrants. For a while keno was a racehorse betting game, but this feature of the game was removed in 1951 because casinos didn’t want people to think keno is a horse betting game. Still, the game is called a race at most casinos even to this day.

How to play keno

You get a sheet of 80 numbers from which you can mark up to 20 at the time, however you want. The numbers are arranged in 8 rows of 10. When the marking is complete, you give the card to a writer and place your bet on the selected number. At the end of the betting session, 20 random numbers are selected.

The 20 numbers are then drawn, after which the winning tickets are being paid according to a payment table which varies from casino to casino. One common example is the four-spot ticket. With this payment option, if you bet $1 you get $1 for two correct number, $5 for three, or $120 for 4. These payments vary from provider to provider. In the online spectrum, the rules are basically the same with few exceptions, again based on the casino.

Keno on the blockchain

Keno has now been adapted successfully on the blockchain. The hybrid lottery/bingo game comes with a provably fair algorithm that ensures every single hand you play is verifiable and fairly randomized. This is one feature you will never find amongst the traditional, online or offline casinos anywhere on Earth. Because of this, more and more keno players are turning to the blockchain for playing their favourite game. Moreover, the keno you’ll encounter on a blockchain-based casino is completely customizable, giving you the chance to create a gambling experience just for you, to enjoy and master.