Looking for a game to make you sit on the edge of your chair every few seconds? The roulette, one of the oldest and most famous games of chance in the world, will do just that! This simple, straightforward game can end up being one of the most gambler-friendly in the book, as players know just how great of a win they can receive from playing it. But is online roulette as fair as people say it is? With the help of the new blockchain technologies and the provably fair algorithm, the time has come when you can actually play roulette in a secure, fair environment without having second thoughts about the provider of the experience.

Bitcoin roulette

Whenever you deposit some money at a Bitcoin casino, you can do it with an email address and a birthday date. Basically, playing roulette on the blockchain is not only safe and fair, it is also anonymous. There’s no personal information you have to give up to the provider in order to play. The email address is used to simply keep track of which account belongs to which player.

The birthday date is put into place for matters regarding of age. You have to be 18 years of age or older in order to play games of chance on the internet. The moment you’re done with these two pieces of information, you can simply start playing the roulette. Some casinos might even allow you to buy Bitcoin directly on the site, with your credit card. This makes the ordeal not so much anonymous, but it still lets you play the game on the blockchain.

Bitcoin transactions at the roulette game

If you decide on depositing some Bitcoins when you play a game of roulette, the deposit is recorded on the blockchain, but the roulette bets are kept individual. If you’re lucky enough to win some cryptocurrency, and decide to withdraw some Bitcoin, then again the transaction will be recorded on the blockchain. Nothing that happens inside the game itself is being recorded, which adds an extra layer of anonymity to the player.

Betting on a blockchain roulette

So how much can you bet while playing a game of roulette on the blockchain? Basically you can bet however much you want. Start with one satoshi and go for a Bitcoin, if that’s what you want and if the casino you’re playing at allows you to make such humongous bets on just one spin. If not, typically you will be able to make bets according to traditional casinos online.

As a simple measurement, you will find casinos allow bets from 0.50 up to 500 dollars US on one hand. There are casinos that will let you play with bigger sums. The satoshi is the smallest denomination in the Bitcoin world, so it will be like playing the minimum bet in a traditional casino.

Free roulette and live roulette games on the blockchain

Can you play a game of roulette for free even if you’re on a blockchain-based casino? Sure you can! Most online casinos that allow for Bitcoin gameplay will let you try their games at first. Get familiar with the style, the betting amounts and everything else by engaging in a play money session before anything else. Once you’re comfortable with the rhythm, switch gears and dive into the real money game for some serious action.

The sole exception is the live roulette games. This is because there are real people spinning the wheel and those people need to be paid at the end of the day, which means you will only be able to play with real money at those tables.

Speaking of live roulette tables, these are the newest and most exciting addition to the blockchain roulette genre. These roulette tables with live dealers have been an exclusive for the fiat-currencies-online casinos in the online gambling industry. Not anymore though, as nowadays the biggest Bitcoin casinos are offering live roulette, blackjack and dice game tables for their players.

The popularity of the roulette game

Why is this game so popular, even on the blockchain? Because the roulette gives you some of the best odds in the industry. You also get to bet on whatever you want, and also get to double your bitcoins if you play your game right.

In the Bitcoin casino world, people who are left with “leftover” Bitcoins can double up their money. If those pieces of Bitcoins are not worth that much on their own, doubling them up would make for a nice sum. The roulette is the favourite game for doubling up. Why? Because it allows you to make some pretty advantageous bets with great odds for doubling up.

You have your typical red/black or odds/evens bets that give you a 2,7% house edge, which is as low as it gets in a game where the roulette has one zero. While games like blackjack or poker come with much lower house edges, there’s one thing these games don’t have. They lack the possibility to make a double or nothing bet, which can only be managed at the roulette table.