Games that can be played on the blockchain (provably fair)

Online casino games have one important thing in common: uncertainty. As a player, you simply have to believe whatever it is that the casino is telling you. Regardless if you like it or not, there’s no way for you to verify if the games that you’ve played were dealt out fairly. The outcomes are simply served to you and you have to be fine with them, otherwise you are simply invited to play somewhere else. This is also the case with video games from casino rooms, like slots, where you also cannot be sure the provider is telling you the whole true story.

Thankfully, almost all of the casino games playerspeople love are now available on the blockchain. The main difference between regular and blockchain games is in the credibility of the latter. Based on the provably fair algorithm, these online games based on the blockchain are verifiable to such an extent that you can be certain you’ve had a 100% fair and square game. Even if you lose, you can still make sure you’ve been served the hands you were supposed to, because the algorithm shows you the outcomes as they were previously generated in the hash.

What sorts of games can be played on the blockchain? The short answer is, all types of casino games, from dice to slots, from poker to blackjack or baccarat, from coin flip to the lotteries. Everything that you can think off is playable on the blockchain, with the provably fair algorithm at hand, the most trustworthy piece of code you can ever rely on with a game of chance.

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Dice games are usually those games that incorporate one, two or many dice. The purpose of the dice is to randomize the next move of the game. For example, in a game of backgammon, the two dice will tell the player whose turn is to make the next move just how many places he or she can move the next stone on the table. A game of dice can be as simple as two players throwing one or two dice and choosing the winner by the person who’s dice has the biggest numerical value. On the blockchain dice games are amongst the favourites of gamblers.


Virtual slots come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got your Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece themed games, your nature games, legends, cartoons, you name it. Regardless of the type of slot that you’re into, the most important aspect of any slot game is fairness. With traditional online casinos, there’s no way on Earth you will be able to see if you’ve been cheated or not by the gaming provider. On the blockchain, every spin that you play has been generated through a hash that you receive at the start, and can verify for fairness at the end of the game.


The blockchain comes with its unique set of games for being such a vast, innovative platform. One of these games is called Crash, or the Bitcoin Crash Game. All you have to do in order to win the crash games is to trade bitcoins and other currencies and avoid the crash of the market within the game. The beauty of the game is in its simplicity. You don’t have to have any gambling experience, you don’t have to read any books, just get familiar with the simple rules of whatever crash game you’re getting ready to try and have a go at it.


There’s probably no person on Earth unfamiliar with the famous 21 cards game. Blackjack is a classic, and still a very popular one. All you have to do is to get as close to the value of 21 as possible, while not going over it, by asking for 2, 3 or 4 cards from the house. If you have a better value than the house, you win the pot. If you have more than 21 in your hand, you lose. On the blockchain, thanks to the provably fair algorithm, there’s no chance for the house to fool you, as you’d expect from a brick-and-mortar casino from time to time.


Have a go at the roulette wheel on the blockchain for a truly fair and honest game. Bet on your favourite number, selection of numbers, odds, evens, blacks or reds, and then spin your chances away. If the white ball lands on your selected bet, you win. It’s that simple, which is why the roulette is still one of the most played games in the books. With the help of the provably fair casino, the roulette is safe to play and will turn out to be fair every single time you place your bets and the winning number comes out.


Who says bingo is a game just for the old people? With the help of innovative technologies, like the blockchain, the new types of bingo games are thrilling, exciting, even entertaining. Besides giving you the chance at winning money, bingo played on online casinos with blockchain technologies at their core is as fair as the game can be.

Video poker

Poker is by far the most popular casino game in the world. Most players go for the Texas Hold’Em game, a simple game of cards which starts with a hand of two playing cards followed by five cards that are dealt on the table. Whoever comes up with the best hand of five cards wins the pot. With video poker, the games are usually going for the five card hands from which you can get rid of up to three cards, which are then replaced. Unlike traditional casinos that can’t prove it to you that they’ve made fair choices when dealing and replacing your cards, blockchain video poker games are all verifiable thanks to the provably fair algorithm.


Who hasn’t played the lottery at least once in their lifetime? Few people haven’t actually played a game of chance at least once, and when it comes to the most widespread game of chance that’s not poker, and can be played in front of a hot-dog stand in form of scratchable cards, that’s the lottery. These games come in many shapes, from your traditional scratch cards, to the numbers guessing game real lottery bettors are so familiar with. It doesn’t matter what game you’re into, because if you play it on the blockchain, the chances of you being lied to by the providers of these games are basically zero.


For a more oriental game, you can now play baccarat on the blockchain, with providers offering the provably fair casino even for this ancient game of chance. Invented many lives ago, baccarat is one of the simplest games in the books. There’s almost nothing for the players to do. Yes, you read that right. All you have to do as a player is to bet on either the Player or the Banker. Whichever one of these two hands come out to be the best, of course based on some strict rules of counting the values of the hands, is the winner. You don’t get any cards dealt directly to you, you can’t make up too many strategies, you can’t influence the game in any way. All you can do is bet on your favourite hand and hope for the best.


When people hear about the game of wheel, they immediately think about Wheel of Fortune, and they’re entitled to considering just how famous the TV show is. Similarly to the televised show, the game of chance known as wheel consists of a virtual wheel that gets spun after the player places a bet. If he or she lands on the number or the colour of the number they’ve bet on, they win. There are many variants of the game in the online betting industry, but all of them lack the trustworthiness that players are looking for. On the blockchain, where you can fortunately play wheel, the provably fair algorithm takes care of the fairness problem so you can place your bets in a secure, trustworthy environment.

Coin flip

Is there a simpler game of chance than a coin flip? Dating back since the invention of the coin, the coin flip is a game that’s as popular as it can be, especially on the blockchain and with the help of the provably fair algorithm, which makes every flip of the coin a sincere one. You might think the game is simple and straightforward, but the truth is, players love to develop entire strategies around it, making sure they’re leaving few things to chance. Still, the coin flip remains one of the most famous and simple games of chance in the world, loved by amateurs and high-rollers alike.

Treasure hunter

Combining special effects with the chances of winning big, treasure hunter games are all the norm these days. The younger generation of gamblers love the idea of combining the two elements together to create a new genre of games, playable both for fun and for the winnings. In a game of treasure hunter, you’ll usually have to find clues and decipher riddles in order to get to the hidden treasure. Because it’s a game of chance, the provably fair algorithm ensures a trustworthy development of the outcome, thus allowing players to verify if the random elements of the treasure hunter game have really been random.


There’s probably no person on Earth who haven’t heard about this game. Today tough, you can play the famous Rock-Paper-Scissors online and to win money. Being a game of chance, it’s hard for players to believe that the outcomes of the hands they play are really randomized, because after all the computer sees what you’re doing and can influence the outcome of the game based on your option. With the help of the blockchain-based provably fair algorithm, the row of outcomes are first encrypted in the hash, which is publically displayed and can be verified at the end of the gaming session, thus ensuring that every single outcome of the game, be it a favourable or unfavourable one to the players, was in fact randomly selected.


Another famous TV show you’ve probably watched when you were young was “Price is Right”. This hit show was made famous by the contestants, simple people who’d have a knack for guessing the prices of different items. If they’d get it right, they’d win the items which could be anything from TV sets to microwaves, washing machines, cars and so on. A special round of the show was called Plinko. In it, the contestant would drop a circular disc on a zig-zagged wall with money prices at the bottom. If the disc would land on the $10.000 slot, the contestant would win the money. Plinko is now getting popular online, and with the help of the provably fair algorithm, providers can ensure that the disc drops are randomly created and verifiable.


Some of the most popular card games in the world are famous especially because they are dead simple. Take blackjack for example: all you have to do is raise your handshand’s value up to 21 and not over it. That’s it. With Hi-Lo, the rules are even simpler, as the gambler only has to predict if the next card that’s about to be revealed from the deck has a lower or a higher value than the current card. This can be tricky if you’re playing the game at a brick-and-mortar casino with a skilled dealer, or online via a traditional provider. Yet on the blockchain, the chain of outcomes is generated before using the provably fair algorithm, so you can easily verify its fairness at the end of your gaming session.


One of the most famous games of all times, Mines is now available on the blockchain and can earn you some money. For those of you who’ve been living under a rock until now, or have been born after the year 2010, Mines is a game that happens on a metal board that’s been cut into multiple squares. The goal is to reveal the entire board by clicking on the small squares that can reveal either numbers or mines. If you land on a number, you can continue playing, but land on a mine and that’s it, your board explodes.


Being a newer game from the modern generation, Lino is as simple as games can get. All you have to do as a player is to make rows of stones of your colour before your opponent reaches your rows. If you get a row of 4 or more stones of your own colour, you beat your opponent. Still, the game is not finished until the entire Lino board gets covered, so whoever accumulates the most points wins.


Forget about the lottery. Here’s a new era of the most popular game of chance you can ever play with a pen and paper, or in this case, with your laptop or smartphone. Keno is getting more and more popular at casinos and virtual gaming rooms across the world. Players can choose between numbers 1 and 80, which they can mark on their Keno sheets. When the sheets are marked, 20 numbers are drawn at random using the provably fair algorithm, which makes the outcome trustworthy. Based on the pay tables set up by each provider, and how many of the chosen numbers you’ve managed to predict, you will be awarded a cash prize. House edge ranges from 4 to 35% at normal casinos, but on the blockchain, the house edge is usually close to zero with most providers.

Diamonds poker

Here’s an interesting poker game that few people have unfortunately heard about. And even fewer are playing it, despite it having some of the most intriguing rules in the gambling industry. Basically, de diamonds suit is king in a game of diamonds poker, hence the name of the game. All you have to do in order to beat your opponents is to get a higher-value hand, with the help of the diamonds cards. When you get a diamonds, the value of the cards raises with one, so if you get a 9 of diamonds, that’s going to be counted as a 10 of diamonds or any other suit. This makes the ace of diamonds the most wanted card of the deck. At the end of the hand, you add up your score following the rules and see if you’ve got the most valuable hand or not. If you play the game on the blockchain, you don’t have to worry about fairness as the provably fair algorithm ensures a fair and verifiable dealing of each and every played hand.