Full review & guide on games and playing at Stake.com

Casino players have three main types of online portals to choose from when they decide to play on the web. There are normal casinos that accept money of all sorts, credit or debit cards, PayPal or virtual currencies, there are credit card and normal currencies casinos, and then there are cryptocurrency or Bitcoin-only casinos. One of the best and the biggest Bitcoin casinos on the web today is Stake.com

With this review we will go deep within the Stake.com portal. How is Stake different from a normal online USD casino? Is it better or worse? What are some of the unique features of this site that are missing from traditional online casinos?

Getting started on Stake.com

First thing you have to do on Stake.com before even being able to browse through the library of games is to register for an account with the site. The registration process is instant, which is quite nice considering this is a Bitcoin casino, making anonymity a top priority for all users. We’ve tested the instant registration process before anything else.

Crazy enough, all that we had to do in order to get our account was to enter a nickname and click on the “Join” button. Odd for sure, but also sneaky on their part, as you still have to provide an email and a password after clicking on that “magical” button. Although you can still come up with a fresh new account that can still keep you somewhat anonymous, the part about it being “instant” really can grind your gears.

You can skip this part and go for the “Do It Later” button instead, but you’ll still have to come back and register with your email if you want to enjoy the entire site later. After you’re done with the whole registration, email/no email situation and everything else, the homepage of the site and all of the available games finally shows up.

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Playing casino games at Stake.com

Forget about those huge, yet unreliable, messy front pages you can find on most online casino sites. Here, every single game is displayed in its own little square right from the start of your online browsing. There is a limited number of games on offer, so this makes it easier for us as reviewers to go through most of these games and tell you about them, so that you can at least get a taste of what to expect.


As with any blackjack game around, you start playing by placing a bet. Then the dealer begins the round by placing two cards in front of you and two in front of them. You can then choose to stand on those cards, and if you do so, you will not be dealt any more cards and are pleased with your initial hand. If you think your two cards are not going to be the best and can improve on them, you can hit and get an extra card in a minute. You don’t have to place any other bets when you decide on how to move forward. The bet that you did in the beginning is the one you’re going with throughout the hand. On a regular online casino, every single move requires you to bet some more money in order to get the game flowing forward.


Most people on this planet have heard about minesweeper, the classic Windows game introduced by Microsoft years ago. Now, there’s a blockchain-based version of the game that lets you win some money if you avoid the mines correctly. You start by placing your bet on the spaces you want. If you chose more mines than the regular games provides, your chances for a multiplier enhances. Start the hand by clicking on the “Play” button and guess the boxes that contain diamonds and avoid those that contain deadly mines. Stealing from slots, there’s an automated betting option you can turn on and then just follow the action on the screen.


One easier game than mines is plinko. With this game, all you have to do is to select a betting amount and then a risk multiplier. Once that’s done, click on to start the game and see the ball drop down through the pins for the bottom of the table. The game is one of the favourites on the site, as the player is almost always a winner. This game also has an automated betting feature, meaning there are going to be balls continuously falling down on the table and increasing your chances of hitting the big pot.


Regardless of the type of casino you’re into, this classic should not be missed whenever you feel like you’re in for a real gambling experience. Seeing that the game is available on Stake.com is a huge plus from us, as this is definitely one of the favourites. The game looks normal at first, although on closer inspection we realised there’s no way for the players to bet on Red/Black. You can just bet on the available numbers in front of you, nothing more. You will manually choose the value of each chip before starting to place your bets.


Bitcoin casinos have made dice games extremely popular because of their simplicity and interest people have developed for them recently. As you all know, blackjack and slots are always there with the regular casinos online, right? Well, the same goes with dice games and Bitcoin-based casinos that work on the web. You can enjoy the dice game on Stake.com with the help of the automated feature. All you have to do is choose the BTC amount you want to bet on one hand and the payout, cross your fingers and hope for the best.


Here’s one of those games that is easy to understand and play, yet because people tend to think too much out of it, they usually miss the point and end up playing for way more money than they can afford. All you have to do with Hi-Lo is to predict whether the next card is going to have a lower or a higher value than the one that was previously dealt. The kings are the most valuable cards in Hi-Lo, while the aces are the cards that have the lowest values. The game is addictive, so please make sure you stuck to your gambling budget that you should set, by the way, before you start playing.


Played mostly at brick and mortar casinos, it was a nice touch seeing baccarat listed on offer on Stake.com. Start by assigning a chip value before anything else. After you’re done and satisfied with your choices start gambling away. Baccarat is really simple, as all you have to do is to bet on which one of the two hands dealt, the Player or the Banker’s hand, are going to end up being of a 9 value or as close as possible to 9.

Interface and Bonuses at Stake.com

Stake.com is a serious website, designed by a team of developers, which ensures you’re getting everything that you should be getting out of a professional gambling website. There is no lagging when loading the game, no glitches and no crashes. There’s also the provably fair algorithm on the entire site, which means you can verify the fairness of every single hand that you play.

The site features a BTC faucet feature which awards you with 0.00000100 BTC just because you’ve provided your email address while registering for a new account. When you are playing on the platform, you will also get free BTC every 5 minutes. Abusing this feature will result in your account being banned for life from the site, so it’s better to not mess with it.

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Stake.com Customer support

A good customer support service on a Bitcoin-based casino is crucial for everything to be working smoothly. It’s just that people are somewhat unaware of how things are working, of how the provider deals with online money and how they should behave on the site. The customer support base on Stake.com is to be found under the “More” tab on the site. Simply click the Live Support tabe and the chat box will come up, allowing you to talk to a real person that’s going to sort your problem out.

Final thoughts about the Stake.com casino

Compared to most online Bitcoin casinos out there, Stake.com is really a staple of this new, fresh part of the gambling industry. You can indulge in many Bitcoin games, in the BTC faucet that makes playing these games free and many more features that are advantageous for the players. The design of the site is simple, modern and intuitive. The usage of the provably fair algorithm is a huge plus for any Bitcoin-based casino, making sure players are getting their money spent well and fair regardless of the game that they’re playing. All in all, Stake.com deserves a standing ovation and a clear recommendation for any Bitcoin and gambling fan who’s looking for the ultimate online betting experience.