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Slots have been around for centuries. The very first slot was a poker machine made in 1887 by a duo, Sittman and Pitt, which was able to play a game and then have a person hand you the winnings. The first automated payouts slots machine was invented in 1891 by Charles Augustus Fey. Called the Liberty Bell, this machine was the first one able to split out coins as winnings. Slots are known worldwide for symbols like fruits and monkeys and diamonds.

The first fruit slot was invented back in 1907. The Operator Bell was the first machine that was able to form a BAR line and therefore pay a great sum of money for the lucky player who’d be able to land on it. Money Honey, the first electromechanical slot, was invented in 1964 and, just 12 years later, in 1976, the first video slot, the Fortune Coin, was set up by the company with the same name. The rapid growth in popularity of the slots machine never really settled.

Today, slots are the main profit makers of Las Vegas casinos. Once they’ve turned to the online world, slots have grabbed a huge chunk of the gambling market. Virtual slots are digital interpretations of the brick-and-mortar parcours and gamers are in love with them. They love the idea of playing them from home or when they’re on a train, the speed, the sounds and visual effects, everything about them makes them want to play more and more.

Provably fair casinos

When it comes to blockchain and provably fair gaming, there are many portals to choose from. Well, quantity is never going to prime over quantity, which is why unfortunately some of these portals are still years away from being fully functional and enjoyable for players all over the world. Luckily, from time to time, we come across portals like EOSlots, a site that encompasses slots, video poker, baccarat and other games and is simply great. And provably fair.

Introducing EOSlots, a brand new portal for those players who are looking for just the newest games and revolutionary technologies they can trust. EOSlots runs off the blockchain, offering slots, dice, roulette, baccarat, and a ton more games for gamers to choose from. The motto of the casino is “simple approach, modern design, joyful gameplay” and it truly shows throughout the site. The first thing that you see is a huge slot machine, which is a clue about the main category of games on EOSlots.

First time on EOSlot

Once you’re on the EOSlots website, you’ll be welcomed by a huge slot machine. Click on it and you’re teleported to the login page. Creating an account is intuitive, so we’ll skip this part because it is as simple as it gets. Moreover, you don’t even have to add any personal information about yourself when playing here thanks to the blockchain technology behind it. You will use what’s called a scatter to login.

If you’ve never used a scatter before, simply create a username and password and you will be the proud owner of one in minutes. Using a scatter as the logging in method is great not just for speed and anonymity but also for banking opportunities. The first thing before going ahead and actually playing a game of choice is regarding the baking aspect of things. Mainly, you’ll have to have a balance that’s playable on the EOSlots site.

Banking options

EOSlots users play with EOS on the portal. EOS is another token invented for the sole purpose of gameplay on the site. All you have to do is to transfer some EOS from your wallet to the virtual account on EOSlots. The deposit happens within seconds, in real-time, which is a neat feature and can have you play the games instantly. This is much better than by using a credit card, for example, to make your deposit.

Credit cards are withholding all of your personal data and therefore players have great privacy issues in using them for banking while playing on online casinos. Especially with traditional casinos, because of scams and attacks, players have started to turn more and more towards blockchain casinos where security is virtually unbeatable.

Withdrawals are as easy as deposits with EOSlots. The great thing about the portal is, your funds never leave the wallet that you use for gameplay, which means there’s an instant withdrawal happening whenever you request your winning funds. With larger sums of money, there is going to be a human filter that needs to be passed, for security purposes, before the money will make it back to your wallet, but it’s never more than a full day for funds to appear in your private wallet. This is a protective measure against those players who wrongly benefit from such things as bonus codes.

Not just once, unfortunately, bonuses that casinos are offering are extremely strict so much so that it’s almost impossible to ever wing something from them. Because of this, EOSlots have decided to skip the bonuses and focus on the ultimate, best gaming experience they can offer to its players. Instead of promising mind-blowing offers that players can never enjoy, they stuck with a great design, flawless game design and fast payouts instead. Which for us is a great plus that overcomes the lack of bonuses.

Games available

Being a brand new casino, EOSlots has a limited number of games on its offer as of now. Blackjack is still one of the games that is missed amongst the forming community around the site, but developers are working to bring this game to life. Until that happens, players can enjoy an array of slots, a dice game, the roulette wheel and baccarat. All of the games are secure to play, provably fair and pay winnings instantly.

Slots are the powerhouse of EOSlots, as the name clearly suggests. Visiting the slots tab, you will find two subcategories, namely traditional and modern slots. Down at the bottom of the page, there’s a live list of the latest bets wagered by players just like you, just to give you a hint of what other people are betting and to keep everything transparent.

Games on EOSlots come with all of the information you need on how to play them, what are the rules, odds, house edges, what were the last bets players have made on a particular game, results, payouts and so on. Bottom line is, the information is there, so all you need to do is to educate yourself and make good investments before throwing yourself into mindless gambling.

Slots of the future

The slots of the future are here. Every spin of the reel, verifiable. Every payout, instant. EOSlots is one of the leading examples of how every single slots casino should run in the near future. They are doing it now, which is simply extraordinary. Sure, for the players who are familiar with large casinos, EOSlots might seem simple, but in reality, a casino that’s simple is most likely going to be great in quality. Minimalist gaming sites focus on product, not numbers of titles.

We liked this casino and believe there are great things in store for it. Just because the people behind it are using EOS as a banking method stands to show that they mean long-term business, which is an incentive serious players need whenever they merge from their latest casino to the next. For any troubles, there’s a telegram group where developers and the customer support team will answer all of your questions. All in all, we strongly advise giving EOSlots a try for a few days. You’ve got nothing to lose, and a new blockchain and provably fair casino to win your heart to.

Gabriel James

As a casino games lover, the rise of provably fairness is something I am very happy about. Make no mistake about it, casinos are taking advantage of players. Provably fair games solve a lot of those fairness issues people are uncomfortable with.

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