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The Internet has always been about efficiency, speed and investments. With the help of new technologies like the blockchain, the internet is becoming the cornerstone for all that is new, innovative and interesting for investors. Everything that revolutionizes the world first happens, or is heard about, on the web before reaching the physical world. When it comes to what innovations are, there are really no boundaries.

One company that has bitten the right apple with internet innovation is CryptoMotors. The enterprise is based on a team of young minds who are set to create a unique blockchain trading portal. With cryptocurrencies on their way towards mainstream adoption, the CryptoMotors market is intended for those who want to earn big from their investments. The system is user-friendly and comes with fiat and crypto assets ready to be used.

About CryptoMotors

Transportation is and has always been one of the most creative spectrum of human intelligence. Designers have come up with incredible vehicles, while technology has constantly changed the way we draw cars, trains and planes. Cars, which are still the most used form of transport on the planet, have stayed true to the basic needs and specs while incorporating new technologies and design elements to amaze even the most uninterested people.

What is CryptoMotors? It is the first digital automaker of the world which allows people to not only design digital cars but also buy, use or trade with these incredible final products. The challenge here is to rethink the entire process of designing, using and then selling our cars. The main idea behind CryptoMotors is to bring great quality and standards of design for cars, incorporating blockchain technologies with the digital assets world for the ultimate experience.

CryptoMotors’ core mission

CryptoMotors started as an open design platform where users were given the right to learn about the design processes of everyday cars and also vote for their favourite designs. Another use for the platform is intended at incentivising designers into challenges aimed at creating the newest and most impressive car designs ever made. Designers from all over the world can participate and come up with their own futuristic cars, blockchain-backed all the way through.

The portal’s final mission as a whole is to offer users the possibility to buy and sell 3D, high-quality designed vehicles which are of course secured in the Ethereum blockchain. Users who buy these assets have complete ownership over them and can trade with them at their will. The vehicles are collectables stored under the ERC721 non-fungible tokens. Every collector that’s passionate about cars, automotive and design will want one of these cars.

In its essence, CryptoMotors is an open creation hub, a place where designers from all over the world can come up with amazing, stunning vehicles stored in a secure digital environment. Moreover, these vehicles that will later be owned by individuals will be transferable to anywhere on the blockchain. Some of the opportunities that arise with these technologies are VR or AR experiences, video games or apps.

The vision behind CryptoMotors

CryptoMotors is a visionary platform. The main dream is for users to one day be able to own, trade or race their dream car across all VR platforms, games and applications without barriers of any kind. “Our drive is to create a new Digital Automaker concept with the aim to digitally produce virtual vehicles that are made with the same attention to detail as the vehicles we currently enjoy in the material world. With the intention of not limiting our minds to any technological constraints, we are free to generate and explore ideas at a much faster pace.”

According to CryptoMotors, they are putting in the efforts of not just blockchain visionaries but also automotive industry experts and design in order to make this dream a reality. The process of creation is ongoing, while some of the first digital assets are already prepared to be collected by users. This all happens while the process of design and remains transparent and the buying and selling provably fair. Everybody gets the same chance of getting their desired cars.

The CryptoMotors platform

CryptoMotors has created a platform that’s made out of a few different parts. Here are the most important ones:

  • Garage: as it happens in real life, the Garage is where you as a user can park your car for others to see, as well as check out the cars of other collectors;
  • Market: using the world-renowned Ether cryptocurrency, users can either buy or sell cars here;
  • Studio: here users can use the blockchain to further design their cars, while designers can implement their ideas for the world to see;
  • Customizations: here players will be able to change the aspect of their cars, with things like paint, rims, decals and others based on their cars;
  • Racing game: the name speaks for itself, as this will be the place where users will be able to race with their cars against other players for the fun of it or for earning points or wagers.

CryptoMotors’ Studio

The Studio is the place where developers and designers work in order to come up with new virtual cars. It’s also the place where future car owners can instruct their designers about how they want their cars to be designed in various moments of the creation process. The community has a saying in every single design that’s been worked on in the Studio. There are no secrets between designers and the users, who are actually the final beneficiaries of the designs.

CryptoMotors’ Garage

The Garage is where users can store their cars as well as interact with the vehicles. The vehicles that end up in someone’s Garage come with specific stats and features. Once you buy a virtual car, it will become available in your Garage. You don’t get just the car but also notes of the entire development process. As a user, you also have access to a customization feature with which you can customize the vehicle you own.

The CryptoMotors Market

Surely before you get to own a car you’ll have to go to the Market of CryptoMotors. Here you can see what vehicles are on sale, you can resell your own cars or you can order new vehicles based on what your preferences are. You can also keep yourself up to date by following the trends and prices and discover when is the perfect time to sell or buy a new asset.

What can you do on CryptoMotors

As a user of CryptoMotors, there are many things you can do on the platform. The entire site is blockchain-based and provably fair, so you won’t have to worry about things like speed, security and trustworthiness. Here are some of the many things you can do on the site:

Design the cars of the future now

If you are a designer, you can start showing this by designing some new cars. Learn from the best, become better and better and fully master the amazing CryptoMotors Studio.

Invest in an asset that’s universally valued

Buy a unique, rare and valuable digital asset. Hold on to it to have it grow in value, exchange it on the Market or use it in one of the many games that are about to be launched.

Collect and become the king of the Garage

Simply storing the vehicles in your Garage can also be a great activity on the platform. The more cars you have, the higher the value of your collection becomes.

Play the games of tomorrow

You will soon be able to play the CryptoMotors racing game, a VR experience like no other. As each vehicle comes with its unique 3D model, you will be able to use it on many platforms.

CryptoMotors and the future

The CryptoMotors portal is an incredible example of just how far blockchain, innovation and digital assets owning can go. It is the place for car lovers, designers, investors, collectors and racing games fans. With the car being the centerpiece of the site, the future of CryptoMotors can only be bright in a world where the vehicle has come so far over the last 100 years. We are excited to see where CryptoMotors will be in a year from now. It can only grow and become the virtual cars market its creators intended to offer the digital world.

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