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Zorgo.Games is a completely provably fair platform founded just a few months ago, in the year 2019. You will get to read about everything that this platform has to offer, from how it handles deposits, withdrawals and support, to the types of games it has in store for users. The first thing that you’ll notice is the modern, slick design made with the user experience in mind. All of the games on the site are made for players versus players matches, so there are no dealers to be seen. This is considered a true rarity of the industry.

The 4 Zorgo.Games

There are a total of 4 games on the Zorgo.Games platform. You’ve got Gems, which has 3 hidden bets for people to explore, CoinFlip, Jackpot, and the start of the show, PVP Blackjack. The great thing is you will get to play whichever one of these games you like right from the front page, as there’s not much in terms of categorising these only 4 games.


The game called Gems is playable in a group of 3 users. This game starts with everybody placing a bet. Whoever wins the bet, takes all of the money by the end of the round, minus a small fee as the house commission. “Gems” works relatively simple and is based on nothing but pure luck and randomness.

You are shown a percentage ratio of the bets of other players beforehand. Once you wager, you get to see the actual amounts the other players have put on. The winner is chosen at random, and the minimum amount you can bet is 0.1 mETH (maximum is 1 ETH per one bet). Each player gets 10 EXP for playing Gems.


Just as with its name, the game of CoinFlip requires 2 players who have to determine on a side of a coin. The winner of the bet, as in, the person who guesses which side of the coin lands face-up, will take the wagers home minus the house commission. Surely, that gives everybody a 50% chance at winning the wager. Here, the minimum bet is set at 0.3 mETH, while the maximum is at 10 ETH. Players get a 10 EXP for playing the game.


As with any other jackpot game, the one Jackpot on Zorgo.Games works pretty much in the same manner: people place their bets and, by the end of the round, a random player gets to go home with the entire sum. Press the Chance button to see what are your chances of winning. If you are fine with what the button is popping up, press the Place a Bet button and hold your breath! 44 EXP is awarded for every single round you play on Jackpot.

PVP Blackjack

Usually, blackjack games on the web are played against a machine, a computer, a non-human entity. The mighty house, with its edge and advantage. With the version of PVP Blackjack from Zorgo.Games, there’s no such thing as an advantage. Players are loving this game as they can play the famous card game against each other, not a computer.

Create a new game, or join an existing one, and get going! All games are awarding 30 EXP for players, while the wagers can be placed between 0.3 mETH and 10 mETH for each hand. Private games are also available here, where you can open up a game for just your team and enjoy it in complete privacy, all available for a small fee.

What’s banking like on Zorgo.Games?

Ethereum is the only method of banking you can use on the Zorgo.Games platform as of writing this particular review. The good news is, if you’re not familiar with the conversion rates between Ethereum and, say, the US dollar, you can convert the viewing values to dollars and therefore have an easier experience when playing. Once you require to put in some money, you are presented with an address that will expire in 14 days.

If you’ve not deposited anything in the address for up to 8 months, the account will be closed by default. The minimum deposit you can make is for 0.005 mETH. You can even find a guide on how to buy Ethereum with a simple credit card on the Zorgo.Games portal. Also, you have to know that the minimum withdrawal is for 2 mETH, and you can only withdraw a total of 10 times each day.

Is Zorgo.Games licenced?

Yes, although it’s a fully provably fair portal with Ethereum banking, Zorgo.Games holds a full licence in the country of Curacao. Please make sure your country is allowed to enjoy the games on Zorgo.Games before starting with an account and everything else.

Mobile version of Zorgo.Games

The casino games on Zorgo.Games are accessible from mobile phones and also other portable devices. You don’t need to install any apps for these games to work. All you have to do is to access the address, put in your account login information and enjoy the games.

Customer support on Zorgo.Games

We’ve been under the impression that there would be live chat support available on the Zorgo.Games site, but that’s not the case for now. The support for customers who get into issues is offered via a Zendesk format, being accessible from the main page. Look for the Head with a Headshot icon on the main page, click on it and have a go if you’re into trouble.

Pros and cons of Zorgo.Games

Instead of a regular conclusion, we’ll briefly check the pros and cons of the Zorgo.Games platform, which is offering provably fair gaming all across the board. One minus of the platform is that there are no bonuses on offer right now. No promotions either. Also, although this is a fully verifiably fair platform, there are just 4 games on the site. Maybe the team can do something about this and work for introducing a tad more games into the site.

On the plus side, we’re really surprised by the way Zorgo.Games shows the provably fairness of the games on offer. There’s an entire section on the site where you can read about how you can 100% verify the fairness of the games on offer. No fuss, no buzz, simple and honest. This is impressive and a true rarity, unfortunately. Top notch layouts are also amongst the pros of the site, as well as the chat option that you can use with other players. PVP Blackjack? This is one reason alone for which to sign up and play on Zorgo.Games right now!

Gabriel James

As a casino games lover, the rise of provably fairness is something I am very happy about. Make no mistake about it, casinos are taking advantage of players. Provably fair games solve a lot of those fairness issues people are uncomfortable with.

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