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Online casinos cannot be cheated. If you’re here just for that short version of the answer, you can leave right away. If you need an explanation as to why and how, take a seat and get comfortable. Sure, there are many sites out there claiming that they can help you cheat on online slots, for example, allowing you to make a generous profit by somewhat cheating the game. The task of actually beating the casino is simply impossible.

We’ll keep referring to slots in this article for the sake of it. In order to realistically beat a slots machine, you need to dedicate tons of time and effort into learning how the game works. Studying the software in order to find a realistic cheating way of beating the game is extremely hard. Before anything else, if you’re not ready to risk a ton of cash on these methods that you find, you are in for a lot of disappointment. Surely, the last point to be made is, you have to be ready to be caught, as casinos have all the resources to see who you are and that you’ve cheated them. Which will not end well for you.

If you think about it logically, wanting to cheat an online casino is a criminal act. It is actually futile to try to do such an intricate thing, let alone the fact that it is illegal to do so. Or to even try to achieve this. Slots have the purpose to keep you entertained for a while, they’re supposed to be fun games, not games you can use to cheat a company with legal status. This is why you won’t find any unrealistic tactics you could you to cheat online casinos in this article, but just the honest truth, alongside two examples or so, about why it’s not a good idea to dive into this idea of cheating an online casino.

The myth of casino cheating software

Some online software is advertised as being able to somewhat cheat an online slot machine. The idea here is, you run the software alongside the game that you’re engaged in so that the program can analyze patterns and dynamics the game is using. This way, you can theoretically predict big wins or loses and therefore bet high when the big hand is about to drop. The best recommendation we can make here is, simply stay away from this type of software for the sake of your own good, money and freedom.

The software you’ll come across online that claims to be able to do these things is usually very expensive to download in the first place. Why would a program that is so good at cheating an online casino be put up for sale anyways, when developers could just sit back and play their own games and become millionaires? Also, most downloadable software turns out being a virus of some sort, malware or any other hidden dangers that could target your sensitive data.

Let’s say you have somehow found a program that actually can cheat an online casino slot machine. The problem is, casinos have the most developed anti-cheating software, because, go figure, they’re casinos with immense budgets and you’re just a user. This means by the time you’ll be able to withdraw the money you’ve won illegally from your virtual account, casinos will most likely be able to catch you and turn you over to the authorities.

The myth of newly registered players

Another very popular myth about online casinos and the ways in which you can cheat them is referred to as the “newly registered players” myth. In this urban legend, they say new players will always have a bigger chance at winning on an online casino than older ones. The idea behind the myth is, casinos will try to win people over by letting them win a couple of times as soon as they’ve signed up for a new account. They will show some generosity which will hook new players to the platform. The truth is, there is no proof of this actually being a thing.

As you know, we only recommend casinos that are provably fair and on the blockchain, so at least on the ledger there’s no such thing as a casino that favours newcomers. Everybody gets the same randomized chance at winning, regardless of his or her time on the site. The provably fair algorithm, as well as some third-party agencies in some cases, make sure that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for, which is a fair chance at winning the hand.

The best way to cheat the game is to learn its internal workings

By now you hopefully understand that there’s no definitive way of cheating an online casino. And it shouldn’t be the case for one to exist. The best way to actually “cheat” the game is to learn everything there is to be learned about it entirely. How can you score a big payout? What is the best bonus prize to pick on a certain slot? What is the best strategy to play on a particular game? These are the questions you should be answering. Here are our top 3 rules for successfully playing a slots machine online.

Number 1: Quit while you’re on an ascend

You are having a great session and are continuously winning for some time now. You have pushed your bankroll up quite nicely. It is now the time to say stop and take a break. Ending the day on an ascend and knowing when to stop is the best incentive to carefully considering how much money you’re going to leave into your account, how much you’re going to withdraw and how much you’re about to gamble the next time.

Number 2: Stop chasing losses

Most players bite into this mistake of following a losing streak in a desperate attempt to stop it or turn it around. It’s almost always impossible to do so, which means the best way to treat a loss is to simply move away from your screen and go on a break. You are most likely going through a house edge patch, which means whatever you’ll do next, you’ll still lose your money. It’s better to avoid playing slots for a while then to do it while you've adopted the loser attitude.

Number 3: Budget control is key

Before even making a deposit on your virtual account of your casino, make sure you are 100% ready to lose that money. If you’re just 95% sure, stop and don’t do it. If you’re not financially ready to play the money you’re about to play a casino game, chances are you’ll be hurt immensely when your money will be lost. If you can actually afford to lose those money then sure, you can play and control your budget along the way as per your personal preferences.

To sum it up…

We’re sorry to disappoint you with the truth you’ve read about here. No, there are no definitive ways in which you can cheat an online casino, not a traditional one and especially not a blockchain-based on. And there shouldn’t be any. You can’t beat the game of any casino, but you can make a small profit out of gambling, that we can confirm. It’s all about technique, knowing the game extremely well and budgeting your gameplay so that you don’t run into financial depression at the end of the day.

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