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One of the most heated debates in the online casino industry is between probably versus provably fair portals. While most casino players around the world are not even aware of these two terms, there’s a huge difference between the two and people should know this for their own good. While one term defines the good old classic casino, with its somewhat old style of gambling and no possible way of verifying results, the other is open for anyone to check the results for their fairness by themselves.

Probably fair casinos are regular casinos. We all know them, we all played on them, we all love them to some extent. The problem with the normal casinos is, there is no way for players to definitively say if the games that they’ve played have been randomized in the true sense of the word or not. With provably fair casinos, things are as honest as they can be. Let’s take the two types of online casinos one by one and see what they have to offer.

Probably fair at traditional casinos

If you’ve ever entered an online casino, chances are you have most likely entered a traditional, probably fair casino. The term “probably” refers to the ways the player can refer to the fairness of the operations behind the scenes. As in, how certain can the player be about the casino’s fairness, randomness and trustworthiness. Usually, a traditional casino has many ways in which it can show players that what they’re doing is legitimate.

First of all, large casinos in the online are regulated by some type of government body. You most likely know that all big online casinos are regulated by countries with laws specifically designed for this, some of them being Costa Rica, Curacao or even the UK. These casinos are working based on the law of the country where they’re operating from. If players have a hinch they’re being cheated by the casino, they can file a legal complaint about it to the authorities.

Another way traditional casinos show their fairness to players is by having private bodies, like agencies, do an introspection of their portal. These companies have their own ways of verifying if the casino is legitimate or not. They’re mostly verifying if the casino’s random number generator is working properly. The RNG is the piece of code that’s most important for any online casino, as it literally dictates how the gameplay goes.

One final way in which you can verify if your casino is legitimate is by making sure they’re not superficial. If they’re requiring you to drop personal documents, information and require you to sign forms and wagers, they’re most likely serious. If the security measures they’re offering are top-notch, then again you’re looking at a true, honest casino. Finally, a good way to make sure a casino is good is by checking the individual online reviews about the place.

Provably fair and blockchain casinos

A new era of the online gaming industry has begun thanks to the provably fair algorithm. The provably fair algorithm is a complex piece of code based on the blockchain, a distributed ledger that’s controlled not by a government, not by a casino, but by everybody that’s part of the ledger. The provably fair algorithm ensures a fair gameplay regardless of which game you decide to go for. If the portal you’re playing on is provably fair, you can play them without any anxiety about the games being trustworthy or not.

The way provably fair algorithms work is quite incredible. Before the gaming session begins the program generates a hash or a piece of coded data that holds the information about the entire session you’re about to play. The outcome of all hands are generated beforehand and the entire thing is coded. This way, there is absolutely no way in which you or the casino can cheat the game. You get your own hash or seed and when the game is over, you can verify all the hands that you’ve just played.

This is possible thanks to the decoding programs every provably fair casino has on their portals. Also, there are independent companies that offer hash and seed decoders, so if you’re not okay with the hashes being decoded by the casino itself you can always find an independent one and see if the two results match.

Conclusion on provably vs probably

So there you have it, these are the things you need to know about how probably fair and provably fair casinos work, what are the differences between them and why you should choose one over the other. In the end, you can play your favorite games on either one of the two. Just keep in mind that with probably fair casinos you don’t hold the truth in your hand and can’t actually personally verify any data. You have to rely on government bodies and private agencies for trusting the casino you’re playing on.

On the other hand if you’re using a provably fair place, the truth is literally in your hands the whole time. As you play the game, there’s no way for the session to be interfered with, so you literally get what you’re paying for. When the game ends, you just decode the seed you’ve been served at the start and see the level of fairness for yourself. So far, we’ve never heard of a provably fair casino that has cheated on their players.

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