Gamdom: win exclusive CSGO or DOTA II skins by playing on this provably fair casino ♣️


Gamdom is not your typical betting website for cryptocurrency or fiat currency alike. Nope. Far from that. This portal deals with skins for games such as CSGO. It works like this: you enter the site, play the games on offer, which are provably fair, and then when you win, you can pay for different skins that you can then use in your games. You bet on CSGO, you can win skins for your CSGO profile, as well as for other games.

The site is now functional for three years. Once you’ve made your deposit, you will be able to transform the money into coins and then wager on whatever games you like. If you’re not feeling sure about whether this site is a scam or not, keep in mind Gamdom is really active on all social media, so you can interact with the team whenever you want.

One incentive of the Gamdom platform is their bonuses. These bonuses come based on the level you’re owning on the site. The higher your level is, the more valuable the bonuses. Every bet that you make, especially those that turn out to be very positive for you, will earn you XP points. The more you play and the better you do it, the more you’ll grow your level.

How fair is Gamdom as a betting site?

There are many sites where you can bet on esports like CSGO, DOTA and so on and make a few coins with which you can buy your ultimate skins. People have many questions about it but the one that’s the most common is about the legitimacy of the site. Gamdom has been around for over 3 years now. It has thousands of users who are using the site on a daily basis.

The portal has a eSports licence in Curacao. All of the games on the site are provably fair, which ensures a fair outcome of all hands played, regardless if you’re betting on your favourite CSGO team or trying your luck on one of the casino games. Sure enough, Gamdom is legit, so if this is your criteria for trying the site, go ahead and do it.

Banking at Gamdom

Being a skins betting site, one of the more particular types of online casinos out there, you can deposit and withdraw with skins coming from games like CSGO, DOTA 2, VGO and also vIRL items. There’s also the possibility to deposit Bitcoins for trading on the portal. Withdrawals are possible with skins as you’d do for deposits. If you’re playing with Bitcoin, you can withdraw either Bitcoins or directly skins.

Games available on Gamdom

Besides the skins betting and the eGaming matches happening all day, you can play one of the five currently available games on the Gamdom. These are regular casino games that can be found on most provably fair portals out there.


Most gaming sites that have provably fair installed will offer one variety of the crash game. Crash is simple to play: the line on the screen starts to go higher and higher after you’ve made your bet. As it does so, you need to press the CASH OUT button before the line crashes. If you do this, the bet you’ve made will be multiplied by the number at which the line has gotten before it crashes. The crash game on Gamdom comes with a progressive jackpot, and every single bet contributes to it.


This game is simple as well. It requires players to drop their skins in a pot, where all of the skins get collected and are traded for tickets. Tickets are sold to players based on the value of their traded skins, with better skins being awarded more and more tickets. When the jackpot is awarded, a single ticket is drawn. The holder of that ticket wins the entire thing.


The version of roulette you’ll find on Gamdom is a modified version of the traditional kind. The wheel has 15 spaces and they’re numbered from 0 to 15. The space that holds the zero is coloured green, just like with all roulette games out there. The rest of the spaces are half red and half black. You can bet on red, on black or on the green. The bets won on either black or red pay 2 to 1. A bet on the green zero pays 14 to 1. There’s the progressive jackpot on the roulette game as well on Gamdom, which will get to be split between players.


A simple game loved by players all over the world, Hi-Lo is just you guessing if the next card that’s about to be dealt is of a lower or higher value than the last. You can also bet on the suit of the card if you’re feeling lucky. Bets are made, and the player that gets it right wins the round.

Trade Up

This one is a special game that’s usually a rarity on most provably fair sites. You can trade or bet a specific amount of coin for a particular skin you can choose from the marketplace of the site. You are then calculated an odd for winning the trade or bet, which is based on the price of the skin and the betted amount. Of course, the higher the price of a skin, the harder it will be for players to trade for it.

What’s in store for the future of Gamdom

The simple fact that you can play all these casino games as well as trade with them or bet with them on your favourite eSports matches, such as CSGO or DOTA2, makes Gamdom a special place for all lovers of betting and casino fair gaming. The selection of games is decent, not huge, but good enough being all provably fair, which is important for us. Bonuses are great, as well as the general feel and functionality of the portal, which has made an impeccable impression. For sure Gamdom still has a lot more to show in the future, which is why we believe it is one of the sites we should all follow.

Gabriel James

As a casino games lover, the rise of provably fairness is something I am very happy about. Make no mistake about it, casinos are taking advantage of players. Provably fair games solve a lot of those fairness issues people are uncomfortable with.

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