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Bitcoin sports bettors have a great and fairly new platform for them to bet on since November of 2018. It’s called CloudBet and it combines cloud storage, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and provably fairness. CloudBet has been on the rise ever since its inception. Even in the normal market, there are few sportsbooks that can deal with the level put up by CloudBet. The money and the time that the team behind CloudBet has put into their product are remarkable. The site also offers an online casino part as well as live dealer games.

About CloudBet

Easily, CloudBet is the most advanced blockchain and Bitcoin wagering site there is. It’s authentic, unique, new, but also old enough to be considered a pillar of the industry. If you’re to compare CloudBet with industry giants, you’d not be able to find many lacks from the latter in terms of efficiency, design, offer, promotions and so on. The professional look and flawless work CloudBet is offering are real game-changers.

CloudBet isn’t around for that long but they’re still a great example of how things should be run in the industry. They are trusted by thousands of players every day. They’ve quickly become a reliable source of wagering for bettors, which is unique and not easy to do. One thing that stands out is the customer support team, which is impeccable in terms of operativity and efficiency.

The best Bitcoin sportsbook bonus in the world

CloudBet is one of the sites with the largest first deposit bonuses anywhere in the Bitcoin sportsbook industry. If you’re willing to deposit large sums of money, the maximum being 5 Bitcoins, you will get 100% bonus in your account, which is a bonus worth over 40.000 Euros as of today. Once they have the bonus, this can be cleared in a year.

The way you can earn the bonus and roll it is unique, as you have to earn loyalty points to unlock it. This can be done on both the sportsbetting and the casino sites. For every 800 loyalty points that you earn, you will get 0.01BTC to your account. Yes, the rollover process is slow, yet the amount you can clear is potentially huge, as players have a year in total in which they can do this without paying anything extra.

CloudBet Pros

  • -Offering the highest betting limits of all Bitcoin sportsbooks;
  • -Deposits and withdrawals happen instantly;
  • -An impressive array of betting markets to choose from;
  • -Biggest deposit bonus we could find on a Bitcoin sportsbook;
  • -Live betting, normal and live casino tables available.

CloudBet Cons

  • -You can’t play anonymously, as there’s a requirement for an email address upon registration;
  • -Lack of teaser bets if you bet on US sports.

The offer on CloudBet

There are over 100 markets featured on the CloudBet platform. Which means you won’t be bored regardless of what your favourite sports are. One great way to keep in touch with your favourite teams and players is to sign up for the newsletter which is personalizable and will keep you up to date with the latest news and events that are about to happen and that you can bet on.

CloudBet covers most of the sports you could think about on a regular day. You can wager not just on your favourites but also on other more unusual sports. Favourites are NFL, NBA, tennis, cricket and many more which are a hit with this particular Bitcoin sportsbook.

Football or soccer is another greatly represented game on the CloudBet platform. There are matches covering the entire world, from Europe to the US, Asia, Australia, the UK or Africa. You can’t miss any important or second league event while on CloudBet. Another great game you can bet on is basketball. The NBA is the main league covered on the site, but other leagues like EuroLeague might also be a choice for bettors.

While this is generally a normal Bitcoin sportsbook, CloudBet can also be a great place for live bets. Players can choose to play on their computers or on the go, as the entire library is available on smartphones and other mobile devices. These days bettors from all over are expecting to have the opportunity to choose to either play from home or from anywhere else, an option which is luckily provided by the people at CloudBet.

Security on CloudBet

One of the many reasons why so many people are attracted to CloudBet is the security the site is offering. Deposits players make are kept in what’s called cold storage. These are offline keys which makes it impossible for hackers to break into the accounts of users. While the site keeps a hot wallet with “cash” Bitcoin at hand for payments, the majority of the crypto coins you’re depositing on the site are safely kept in the cold storage.

Banking options

Whenever you make a deposit, the money will almost instantly show up on the account. Withdrawals work the same way, becoming available the instant they’re accepted by the blockchain. Once the withdrawal comes accepted by three confirmation, you’ll see your money in your virtual wallet. Most withdrawals are automated and instant, yet some larger ones will require manual verification by the staff at CloudBet for obvious reasons.

CloudBet has managed to automate a lot of the experience that players get once on the site. Still, one important feature that’s not automated, and should never become like so is the customer support service. Live chat is the way to go here, as the team behind customer service is doing a great job. They have been ranked as some of the top teams for customer service in the history of Bitcoin gaming. You can also opt to send them an email, at which you will usually get a response in a few hours.

What lies before CloudBet

The future looks great for a site like CloudBet. It really is difficult to find a sportsbook that’s on the blockchain and works with Bitcoin, and can even come close to what CloudBet is today. Offering the largest betting limit and an incredible rewards deal, automatic withdrawals and great customer service, CloudBet is a winner on all fronts. There’s not much else to do for you than to try it on your own. You’ll enjoy it without a single doubt in mind!

Gabriel James

As a casino games lover, the rise of provably fairness is something I am very happy about. Make no mistake about it, casinos are taking advantage of players. Provably fair games solve a lot of those fairness issues people are uncomfortable with.

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