SafeDice Review

Everybody who’s a fan of the Bitcoin casino world knows what it means to play a dice game. Well, not exactly, because the industry is always expanding, one of the more recent examples being SafeDice. This new game comes with a set of exclusive features that are designed to keep you interested and incentivized. For one, there’s the house edge that’s not fixed, meaning it varies depending on your bet and the possible winnings. The default one is set at 0.5%, but for the newcomer, this can get a tad confusing.

About SafeDice

When a player tries to make a new bet, and that bet has a potential win over 0.25%, the house edge is set to be raised. If you have a 10 BTC bankroll, and you bet on something that has a 0,025 BTC profit, you will get a higher house edge than the normal 0,5%.

On the other hand, betting on the site is intuitive and convenient. There’s nothing that’s been left out on SafeDice, including the auto-betting button, the statistics, the hi-lo switch, hotkeys, max/half/double wager buttons and a roll button. You also get a chat box where you can talk with the team behind the site. As far as speed goes, the betting is done relatively fast, but there’s nothing to write home about.

The two languages the SafeDice portal comes in are English and Chinese. The main security feature of the site is the two-factor authentication. There’s also a referral program that you can benefit from if you have a lot of friends who you can recommend SafeDice to. If people click on your links and sign up for the site, they receive a small Bitcoin bonus.

The looks of SafeDice

As far as we’re concerned, the SafeDice is like none other dice game website out there. It is simply beautifully done and impressive as a design. There are a lot of portals we’ve reviewed here on the site, but nothing quite compares to this one. Things tend to be so close to perfection, it’s hard to believe you’re on a dice game site. The colors, the animations, the layout of the menus and options, the interface, everything fits. The login page works smoothly, the site loads in a heartbeat and the entire mechanism behind the SafeDice portal simply makes sense.

Fairness and banking options on SafeDice

One of the main reasons why so many people love SafeDice is the fact that, although you can’t make a quick buck on the brim, you can level up your game and earn in the long run. It sounds like a scam to many when they see the 0.5% house edge, but luckily that’s not the case as you can see with the verification tab. Here, thanks to the provably fair algorithm, you can verify every single roll that happens on the site for its fairness. As it so happens with all sites, so is the hash here produced from the server, client and increment seed or nonce. Once you enter your details in the built-in verifier, you can see with your own eyes how the roll was indeed fair.

An important issue for everybody involved with SafeDice, from investors to developers and players has been banking and finances. This is why the administrator decided upon implementing the variable house edge. Because of this edge that’s changeable, you can make bigger bets and therefore add some more protection to your bank.

A house edge that’s this low means lower profits for the house. This means potential investors are turned around and flee the place because there’s barely any profit. Also, the profits the house is getting are slower than at other normal house edge casinos. When we were writing the review, the total profit of the site was at 3,5 BTC.

Conclusion about SafeDice

If you’re a fan of the good dice game, SafeDice is one of the sites you should check out. With most sites, you get a fair balance of looks and performance. On SafeDice, the experienced coders and high technologies used turn the simple experience of dice game into a new, modern, exceling one. Also, the little things like the small house edge of just 0.5% and the fun chat box are incentive enough to keep you on the site for longer.

The site has everything you can imagine from a dice game site. The design is pretty spectacular, the betting system is fast and hassle-free, the chat box is fun, the house edge is small and the affiliate program is profitable for both the referral and the referred. The withdrawals are fast as lightning, the two-factor authentication is secure and the house edge that’s variable is a clear indicator of something new and innovative.

The entire portal is provably fair, which means every bet is verifiable. Although not a great place for investors, actually investing in SafeDice might be a good idea in the long run because, as far as quality goes, SafeDice is among the top of the dice game portals out there.