CryptoSkull Review

CryptoSkull is the type of portal that’s focusing on profit. Not for them especially as the house edge is extremely low. For the players, the gamblers of now and tomorrow. This portal is based on one game, a type of Mines or Minesweeper you might be familiar with from the good old Windows game. If you don’t have any Bitcoin in your virtual wallet, don’t worry. There’s a faucet that lets you grab a few coins and start playing for free at first.

The site was originally released on the market in 2017. It is one of the very few portals of its kind that is available for United States players, which makes it naturally a favorite in the States. Thus far, the site is only working in the English language, which is normal due to the fact that most players are English speakers.

Starting with the design and functionality, we found no flaws about CryptoSkull. The interface is easy to use, the portal is fast and the entire gaming experience is a fun, entertaining one. For you to enter the game and play, all you have to do is register, which you can do anonymously, by the way, and that’s that! If you’re a tad lucky and a little technical, you could be looking at some pretty hefty rewards in no time.

The only game on CryptoSkull is worth it

CryptoSkull means a singular game thus far, a type of Minesweeper. Although we’re dealing with a single game portal, there are three difficulty levels players can choose from. Surely enough, the more difficult the game you choose to play is, the bigger the rewards. Everything that happens on CryptoSkull is measured by the provably fair algorithm, meaning you as a player have the power to verify the fairness of all the hands you’ve played. The portal is 100% provably fair, which is a staple amongst blockchain based online casinos.

How deposits and withdrawals work on CryptoSkull

Only two methods of payment are accepted today on CryptoSkull, Bitcoin and Litecoin. The deposits are instant, as well as withdrawals, which makes for a great feature for those players who are not into long waiting times. Deposits happen usually by using a QR code and in an instant your Bitcoin or Litecoin will show up in the virtual account. A deposit is considered successful after two confirmations from the blockchain, which take about 20 minutes during a normal day.

The minimum sum you can withdraw from your account to your virtual wallet is 100.000 Satoshi. You can request a withdrawal after you’ve covered 30.000 Satoshi in the account and only after having no less than 6 confirmations on the blockchain for your account. If you request a high withdrawal, it might be sorted to be processed by hand by staff. This means your withdrawal will get a longer waiting time.

Support and security on CryptoSkull

The entire idea behind CryptoSkull has the player in the front seat of all things. The quick response time, efficient design and interface, the flawless deposits and withdrawals, everything happening on the nose thanks to a live chat feature, these are all characteristics of a well-put portal. The messages that get to the response team are usually sorted in minutes. The people working for CryptoSkull have a long understanding of how the online Bitcoin gambling industry works, so there aren’t many issues that they can’t solve, if any.

Conclusion about CryptoSkull

If you are a fan of Mines or BitKong, for that matter, you will probably enjoy CryptoSkull the most. This fast-paced game is exciting and entertaining. Sure, you will sometimes notice the fact that this is an always-developing portal, so there are some minuses here and there, but not enough of them so that it makes you question the overall quality of the experience. The fact that you’re playing on a Bitcoin portal and have many players alongside to enhance the fun makes CryptoSkull into the perfect portal for newcomers or advanced players alike.