Review started its online endeavour in 2014. It all began as a simple slot machine in the online world, but now on you can play dice, lottery and blackjack besides the slots. The entire casino is based on two important ideas, safety and responsible gambling, which are not that much talked about in this industry. Here you have a fun, safe environment for your online betting that allows you to have the time of your life while playing your favorite games, all by paying with the cryptocurrency of your choice. has a team of experts in the back, all people who are into cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and all things new and modern. They’re experienced in coding, software development and online engineering. As soon as they saw the popularity their first Bitcoin game has had, started working on new titles for their portal. There are now four games available on the site, all of which can be played using different virtual coins. The site is based on the famous provably fair algorithm, meaning you can play your Bitcoins away in a safe, verifiable gambling environment which is impossible to cheat you as a player. features and games

There are four different games on offer on the portal, so we will start with the slot, which is a classic 5 reel game with just one payline. You can have up to 7 winning combinations, no more, no less. The symbols used are the classic fruits. You have around 50% chances of winning with every single spin that you push the spin button for


The second game on the portal is called dice, which is a simple crypto dice game. The task with this one is to predict if the next number that’s about to be diced is going to be either lower or higher than a certain digit, which can range from 0.000 all the way up to 99.999. Sure, you’re looking at anything but your typical dice game, but the possibilities here are endless. If you’ve ever played roulette before, you might be interested to know that because of its mechanics, this dice game allows for the implementation of such systems as D’Alembert or Martingale for outcome prediction and increased overall winnings.

The third most played game on the site is the blackjack. The only goal here is to sum up to or as close to 21 from a hand of two dealt cards. If the dealer’s hand is lower than yours or has gone over 21, you win. The variant of blackjack offered on is the basic one which means even if you’re just a novice with blackjack, you can play the version on this Bitcoin casino instantly and without having to learn new moves and methods.

The fourth and final game on is the lotto. The main goal with this game is to mark the correct lottery numbers on a ticket as you’d normally do with any other lottery ticket. You buy the tickets using the virtual coins of your choice, sign up for a draw and then pick your lucky numbers. You then wait until the draw and, if you happen to choose the right numbers, win the pot prize. The draw takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so twice every week.

The good thing about and its games is the fact that they offer the library for play and real money at the same time. You can play all of the games using play money at first, so you can get the hang of what’s going on before turning your head towards your virtual wallet. There is also a faucet that lets you play the games for free, allowing a set number of players to play for a certain amount of times during a full 24-hour day.

Registering on

If you’re into quirky, out-of-the-ordinary casinos, is the one for you as it doesn’t even have a registration process. Because the scope here is to keep things simple and as safe as possible, every new player is given an ID unique to him and himself only. The ID gets stored into the cookies and is available there for 14 days. As soon as the ID has been issued for you, you will be emailed an address where you can deposit some virtual cash and start playing. The entire thing lasted about 5 minutes, so once you’ve made your first deposit, you will be playing the games in literally no time.

Deposit and withdrawal on

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Peer are the six different currencies you can now use on for both deposits and withdrawals. It’s all up to you which one of these virtual assets you want to use during your gameplay. It really is about personal preference, as the selection of accepted coins on the portal is one of the richest we’ve seen in the online Bitcoin gambling industry.

You can’t deposit less than 0.0001 Bitcoins at the time. The minimum for the latter coins is 0.005 for Ethereum, 0.01 for Litecoin, 100 for Dogecoin, 0.01 for Dash, 6 for Gridcoins and 0.1 for Peer. If you deposit a lower amount than the accepted minimums, they will never reach your account, so do not do so. Make sure you deposit the preferred currency from the start, because you will only be able to pay for your games using that currency only. If you love Litecoin and want to play with that, just deposit Litecoin.

There are no withdrawal fees on the site. The times for withdrawals vary from 5 minutes for Dogecoin users to up to an hour for Bitcoin enthusiasts. There is a maximum of 10 withdrawals you are allowed to request per 24 hours. Besides being a safe and secure portal, also comes with a very rewarding referral program. As the owner of a site or blog, you can share the link towards the site on your own webpage. If you get people to play that have been referred from your site, 25% of the house edge of these players will go straight to your virtual account.

Conclusion about


The unique and rather interesting gambling options offered on are incentive for many players. Sure, the number of games themselves is not large, as you can only play 4 games today on the site, but the interface, the registration process that is hassle-free and the provably fair gamling are all good enough reasons to give a fair chance.