Coin Royale Review

Offer and demand are always covered when it comes to online casinos. The newer breed of Bitcoin casino in the online is thought to be even more offering. One of the most recognisable casinos in this sub-industry is Coin Royale, a Bitcoin-online portal filled with games gamblers adore. The casino was launched back in 2013, and since then has been modified a couple of times. Every single game on the site is unique and has a Proprietary software behind it. This means the games on Coin Royale are only available on this website and nowhere else.

About Coin Royale

Unfortunately, there’s not much information on who is running Coin Royale as a casino, which was a bummer for us. Although it’s a lively place and a great addition to a new, growing Bitcoin casino industry, we would’ve loved it to know who’s responsible for such a great looking portal. Gamewise, people from the world over can access the games on the portal without restrictions. The languages the site is coming in are English, Mandarin and Indonesian.

One important feature is the customer support, as it so happens with all online casinos. Here on Coin Royale, this is only available via an email. This is somewhat downputting if you are having an issue that needs fast solving. The entire process is hard and takes a lot of time, so after you send your email to the admin of the site, you’ll have to keep on waiting for a response or go to the Questions and Answers section of the site and try to solve your issue for yourself.

The selection of games on offer on Coin Royale

There are just a handful of games on offer on the Coin Royale casino portal, blackjack, video poker, baccarat, roulette and dice slot machines. After clicking on your favorite game, you will be redirected to the gaming screen where you will find links for the rules of the game, the provably fair algorithm policy and also all the instructions one needs in order to play the game. Until you’re ready to deposit your own money, you will be awarded free credit which you can use to play the free money versions of the games.

Slot machines are unique on Coin Royale because you can actually see the reel configuration. This is available nowhere else on any online casino, be it Bitcoin-friendly or traditional. You can use the mouse’s cursor to go through the reels and see how each and every symbol got the place that they’d get. Once you’re on and have deposited your cash, you can play for as much or little money you want, as there are no up or down limits.

Banking on Coin Royale

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency available for play at Coin Royale. There are no fiat currencies accepted on the site, as this is a Bitcoin-only place. Instant deposits and withdrawals are a natural thing when speaking about a Bitcoin-only casino. There are no processing costs involved, so you can deposit or withdraw as much money as you want. Depositing some Bitcoins on your account comes down to you clicking on the deposit section, where you will find your personal address and a QR code. Scan the code for ensuring a much faster deposit than normal.

Once you send your Bitcoins to your virtual Coin Royale account, you can start playing right away. You cannot deposit less than 0.001 BTC at the time. That’s also the minimum withdrawal accepted on Coin Royale. As for the maximum deposits or withdrawals amounts, there are none set on the site.

Promotions on Coin Royale

If you are a newcomer who’s decided to give Coin Royale a fair shot, there’s great news! You will receive a 100% bonus out of your first deposit, up to one entire Bitcoin. This simply means whatever sum you’re up for depositing in your virtual account, Coin Royale is going to double it. If you’re depositing 0.5 BTC for example, Coin Royale will give you 0.5 BTC of their own money so you can play along for as much as you want.

Conclusion about Coin Royale

Since their launch, Coin Royale have done many major improvements. There were few games when they started out back in 2013, but this far they’ve resized their library to 7 games, with plans for the 8th and 9th game to be launched in a few months. The entire casino is running under the provably fair algorithm, being 100% secure because of it and verifiable by all users. The customer service is a little slow, but it does work. The fact that the casino is Bitcoin-only allows for instant withdrawals, which is important for most gamblers.

As we’ve stated, we strongly believe that, if customer support would be improved, Coin Royale would head straight up the charts and in to the very tops of the Bitcoin casino industry. As far as games go, there aren’t many, yes, but the quality of the ones available, you’re looking at a steady, enjoyable, simple yet exciting library of some of the favorites in the casino industry. With a simple design and an intuitive interface, Coin Royale has done a great job offering a Bitcoin casino that’s worth the hype around it.