Bustabit Review

If you’re looking for an original Bitcoin site for betting, Bustabit might just be the perfect place for you. You’ll not find a huge library of games on Bustabit but a single game that’s making a lot of fuss as of recently. This portal is the former Moneypot, which has managed to host over 150 million bets on its platform and a total of 420 thousands Bitcoins wagered. The maximum payout registered on the portal was 37.5 Bitcoins at a time.

As far as betting limits goes, you can bet on anywhere between 0.000001 and 1BTC. You can only access the Bustabit portal in the English language as of now, but the good news is the site is available to players the world over. Now that we’ve peaked your interest, let’s dive deeper into just what Bustabit is, how it works and how you might get to enjoy it in its full glory.

The Bustabit game you will (probably) love

One single game is available on the Bustabit portal. The system initiates a pot of money which players are betting against. The idea here is, once you make the bet, you begin to notice the multipliers going up and up. The aim is to cash your pot out of the game before the game crashes and busts you, hence the name Bustabit. If you do that before the crash, you will get all of your money and the multiplied cash to your account. If you don’t, the money is lost. How is this game then profitable for the administrators and how can it benefit players, as it sounds pretty straightforward on a first account?

The Bustabit strategy

The multiplier of Bustabit is moving at a fast pace, dropping and rising as it pleases in a randomized order. If you survive the game for longer than usual, you will receive special bonuses alongside the multipliers. If you cash in just before the crash or the bust, you will also be rewarded accordingly. The thing is, with the bonuses and multipliers being so incentive, many players go overboard and wait for too long, hence being busted before they can pull out of the pot of money. Although they’ve had some problems with crashes and players saying they’re too many of them at the time, the game is now provably fair and can be verified for its fairness by any player.

There’s one more rule that’s important here, and that is, if the game crashes when the multiplier is 0, all bets will then get returned to the players, although the chance of this happening is at a very low 1%. Sure, you might think this is a simple, straightforward game, but it takes learning a complex strategy to actually make it work for you and make money out of it. If you’re spontaneous and think you know the game before you learn it, you will quickly end up with a dry bank account.

Also, please remember the fact that this game is a small one, having rather small winnings scattered around than huge pots of money as advertised waiting for you at the other end. It won’t make you a millionaire, that’s for sure. The pot of money you can win is actually funded by the creator of the game, so as long as the creator is not releasing more money into it, or the players don’t wager bigger sums that they lose, it’s impossible for the multipliers to come up with higher values than they are now.

Banking on Bustabit

The only accepted currency on Bustabit is the Bitcoin. Within 10 minutes after making a deposit on the Bustabit account, you should be able to see your new balance updated in the account. As a player on the portal, you can withdraw your Bitcoins to any address you’d like, with the smaller transactions being processed in an instant. The larger withdrawal requests take up to 24 hours for them to be processed. You have to request a withdrawal that’s no less than 200 bits, and you have to do it in increments of 1 bit or 100 satoshis.

Customer support on Bustabit

The customer support functions on Bustabit are virtually nonexistent, which is a bummer. The only thing that can help you out should you get into trouble is the FAQ guide, which does provide a lot of answers for the portal, the game itself and the banking possibilities. Still, there’s no customers support team waiting for your questions, which can prove to be a problem if you suddenly are left without your login details, for example.

Conclusion about Bustabit

Keeping the fact that this is a one man project in mind, the Bustabit portal is at least impressive in its design and functionality. We’re not looking at a full-length online casino here, but one simple game that can turn into a few hours of fun for avid, yet unpretentious gamblers. If you are looking for something that’s fresh, simple and straightforward, then gambling your Bitcoins for profit on Bustabit might just be the best idea for you.