BitcoinRush Review

There’s a saying that the old chicken makes the best noodle soup, and it’s true. The flavour is deeper and the meat is more rich. BitcoinRush is the ultimate forefather of online Bitcoin casinos, one of the oldest “hens” of the industry. Launched in 2013, BitcoinRush is since then on a steady incline and is now one of the most famous casinos that work with Bitcoin in the world. The portal has served as an example for new sites who’ve come into the industry over the years.

BitcoinRush is not just your typical casino you can pay with Bitcoin, but also an extensive online sportsbook where all of your favorite sports are found. In all honesty, the experience provided on BitcoinRush is one of the most comprehensive on the web.

About BitcoinRush

Gambling websites appear out of nowhere every single hour of every single day in our time. It is extremely hard to distinguish between the fake and the real, as finding a legitimate portal to play on is considered a gladiator’s task. One of the ways in which you can test a website for its honesty is by verifying the provably fair installation on it. This protocol ensures your games are verifiable and randomized in a fair manner.

Few people know this but BitcoinRush was the first ever Bitcoin online casino that has had the provably fair algorithm installed. From the launch date on BitcoinRush has been considered the ultimate example of trustworthiness, fairness and security for players all over the world. Not only that but also new casinos used to take BitcoinRush as an example of almost perfection.

Games on BitcoinRush

The interface of BitcoinRush is interesting, appealing to most players and extremely easy to navigate. It’s intuitive, to say the least. The design is modern and with the many improvements they’ve made over time, you can really tell they have the customer in mind with every move that they make. All of the games in the library are playable in the browser of your likings, there's no need to download anything. You can also play the games on the phone or tablet.

One of the unique features of BitcoinRush is the in-house developers who are creating personalized software just for their portal. So whenever you’re playing a game on the portal you can bet the game is unique and can only be found on BitcoinRush and nowhere else. This was the general idea behind the site ever since its inception and, as the years went by, they’ve done a heck of a job.

As far as provably fair games go, the library of unique games on BitcoinRush is impressive. You will be able to find all of the favorites and classics while browsing the site, as well as the new games. The priority of the team behind BitcoinRush is not to have the most games, but to have all the games running flawlessly at all times. No player has turned down on BitcoinRush because of their library of games thus far, so you can bet you will find a game to play without a doubt. You can play roulette, blackjack, video poker and baccarat, to name a few.

Besides the classic games you can enjoy on the portal, you will also find a game that’s unique to the site, entitled BitcoinRush. This game is very similar to blackjack, the difference being the card values are replaced with coin values. For a winning hand, the player must collect coins that are 32 in total value. The game can be played in multiplayer mode, offering lucrative payouts and adding many twists and turns unique to the BitcoinRush portal. Let’s not forget about sports betting.Whatever sports you’re in, you’re most likely going to be able to bet on while on the BitcoinRush site.

Deposits and withdrawals on BitcoinRush

The only accepted form of payment on the BitcoinRush site is the Bitcoin, so you will be able to do both deposits and withdrawals in this currency. Every single Bitcoin that you add to your virtual account will automatically turn into a 1.000 credit. This credit is then spendable on all games within the BitcoinRush website. The withdrawals are fast and the credits will again turn into Bitcoins in an instant as soon as you’re ready to request a payout.

Conclusion about BitcoinRush

BitcoinRush is not just another online Bitcoin casino, but a powerful figure in the world of online gambling. Over the last 6 years, BitcoinRush has never been in the centre of any conflict or problem. The first Bitcoin gambling site is still going strong and can be proven as provably fair by whatever committee you’d want to verify it. BitcoinRush is not just an online Bitcoin casino, but a standard amongst the very best portals of the industry.