BC.Game Review

Although it’s an entirely new industry on its own, Bitcoin-based casinos tend to already become mundane for some. If you’re looking for a new, fresh, unique online casino that’s provably fair and based on the blockchain, you should really look into BC.Game, one of the newest establishments of this sort. Opened in 2019, BC.Game is based on cryptocurrencies and comes with a range of new games on which players can bet their virtual money on. You will not find slots or dice games here, but an array of new games especially designed for the portal.

Unique features at BC.Game

One of the most unique features of the site is the interaction rewarding software. Basically, for every interaction that you have with other players via the chat rooms, you can be randomly selected and receive a reward. To make sure that as many players as possible are eligible to win, BC.Game has created a multilingual chat room.

You do not have to worry about security or privacy on the BC.Game portal. There is a 2-factor authentication in place, transactions happen almost instantly, the registration is anonymous and there is a 24/7 support centre that can help you out if you’re in trouble. For the interested people there is an investment option, a shareholding system which can allow you to invest in the prize pool and participate in the games directly.

Playing Bitcoin games on BC.Game

All of the BC.Game games are specifically designed for the site, coming with a unique look and feel to them. The selection of games, although not that rich, is great and makes for an easy and fun gameplay. The games are all customized in order to give players a special experience. Being a special place, you won’t find slots or dice games on the site. The games you’ll encounter on BC.Game are Crash, Nouncedice, Hashdice and Blackjack. All of these games come with a 1% house edge, one of the lowest possible on the Bitcoin casino market.

Promotions on BC.Game

There are 5 types of specialized bonuses programs on BC.Game. Based on your needs or on what you’re looking to get out of the platform, you can choose the program you like most and enjoy it to the fullest. There is a Maximum Bonus, a Daily Bonus, a Lucky Prize, Ability Bonus and the JB Bonus. You can read all about them on the site, as the entire system is explained in detail on the BC.Game page dedicated to the bonus programs.

Deposits & Withdrawals on BC.Game

One of the features that are the most attractive about BC.Game is the fact that transactions are basically instant on the site, when comparing them to the rest of the casinos out there. This happens with both deposits and withdrawals, the time needed for the two to materialize into or out of your account being about 10 minutes to an hour. There is no fiat currency accepted on BC.Game, so you can only play your favorite games with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Monero, Tron, EOS or V System.

In order to deposit some crypto coins into your account, all you have to do is go to your wallet and click on the Deposit button. Then, copy your wallet’s address or scan your QR code. In order to withdraw your earnings, follow the same procedure but just use the address of your virtual wallet instead of the wallet you’ve deposited your money to. Enter the desired amount and hit Withdraw, and you’re done. Based on the currency you’re a fan off, limits on deposits and withdrawals vary, so make sure you look into that before starting to bet away on your favourite virtual asset.

Support & Security on BC.Game

BC.Game comes with a generous FAQ section. You will find most of your questions answered here, about the experience on the site, what you can and cannot do, deposits, limits, bonuses and so on. If this is not going to be helping you out solving your situation, you can either send the team behind the site an email or write them about your inquiry on the live chat.

Because they’re created based on the provably fair algorithm, the games on the BC.Game platform are ensuring a fair development of all hands played, as every move that happens within the games is traceable, which makes the gameplay impossible to manipulate. The usage of the 2-factor authentication is another bonus regarding player security, implemented with the help of a token software.

Conclusion BC.Game review

If you’re one of those players that are always on the lookout for the ultimate, newest, cutting-edge experience from your Bitcoin-friendly casino games, BC.Game is the place for you. The freshness of the games, the great bonuses available and the super fast payouts are all good enough reasons for any gambling fan to try out this portal. If the current Bitcoin gambling industry is getting you bored, BC.Game might just remove the boredom out of you.