777Coin Review

One of the most important advantages of online gambling is comfort. Being able to play your favorite games from the privacy of your living room is unbeatable. Another thing is practice. When you’re at home, you can practice your skills and then go for the real money games as most casinos offer their library of games for free. Also, you can play against others online, which is also a great learning opportunity.

The internet is so rich in poker rooms today, you simply have a ton of them to choose from. As stated above, you can either go for the free money or real money tables, depending on if you want to deposit some funds in your account or not at first. One of the most important things with online gambling is that you can literally see your budget on the screen and therefore can make better strategies based on your amount.

Because we’re talking about money here, playing a game online will make you more focused and mindful about every single bet that you’ll be making. This is in essence the way you’re going to get better at poker or any other game. One casino portal that states it offers a safe, fun and entertaining environment to those looking for an online room for poker and other casino games is 777Coin.

About 777Coin

777Coin is all for the Bitcoin and is playable only with this cryptocurrency. It was launched back in 2013 and although it shows some signs of old age, being one of the very first Bitcoin sites, it still holds strong. Besides the graphics which can be considered a tad vintage for our age and tastes, the site itself works wonderfully. The site is so anonymous, all we know about its administrators is their nicknames on BitcoinTalk, Zodiac1233 and Lightlord, with the latter being the CEO and the first having Support and Development in its care.

Features of the 777Coin portal

18 casino games, that’s all that you get on the 777Coin portal. There aren’t that many special features on the site rather than the games themselves. Where 777Coin delivers is in its reliability as a platform that works by implementing the secure provably fair algorithm. These are the games that you’ll find on the 777Coin platform:

  1. Bit Boxes;
  2. Seven Box;
  3. Pyra Plunder;
  4. Blackjack;
  5. Baccarat;
  6. Satoshi Slider;
  7. Jacks or Better;
  8. Super Aces;
  9. Deuces Wild;
  10. Bits & Bars Deluxe;
  11. Suits & Sevens;
  12. Jewels & Gems;
  13. Bit Spin;
  14. Roulette;
  15. Bits & Bars;
  16. Bitvest.io;
  17. Bit Drop;
  18. Super Bit Drop.

No sportsbooks are available still on the 777Coin portal, and as far as plans go, there’s not much rumor players will get some in the future. No major works of improvement have been executed on the platform in recent years.

All of the gaming features on the 777Coin library of games are video-based. So if you’re into live games like poker or blackjack, you’re most likely better finding another portal. All of the three poker games available on the site are video poker games, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wilds and Super Aces. The bets on these games go from as low as 0.001 BTC up to 10.000mBTC.

Options for deposits and withdrawals on 777Coin

The only exclusively accepted coin on 777Coin is Bitcoin and a subsidiary, Altcoin. If you have an Altcoin account, you can pay via its many available sub-currencies: Blackcoin, BitCrystals, Bitshares, Dash, Clams, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Emercoin, Ether, Factoids, GEMZ, Litecoin, Monacoin, Nubits, Novacoin, Nxt, Peercoin, Reddcoin, Shadowcash, StorjX, Startcoin, Vertcoin, Counterparty, Monero and Ripple.

The minimum amount you can deposit at a time is 1mBTC or its equivalent in any other coin you might want to from the Altcoin library. The maximum deposit you can make is unlimited. 777Coin doesn’t work with any fiat currency, so you might want to buy some cryptocurrency and then transfer it to your virtual 777Coin account. Before they get to you accounts, funds need to go through at least one confirmation on the blockchain.

When it comes to withdrawals, you can make as many or as big of money requests as you want. The only rule here is, you have to be able to pay the fee which is set at 0.25mBTC per transaction on top of your desired withdrawal amount.

Customer support on 777Coin

The live chat feature on 777Coin stands to prove that all serious online Bitcoin casinos offer its players the chance for a quick fix regardless of what their issues might be. The live chat can also be substituted by the special thread on the Bitcointalk.org forum specially dedicated to the portal. If you want, you can message the CEO directly on his account on the same forum.

Conclusion about 777Coin

There’s a level of decency and safety that’s embedded well into the core of the 777Coin portal and that’s hard to beat especially by the newcomers into the Bitcoin casino industry these days. The experience you’ll get on the site is at least satisfactory, if not beautiful, considering this is a 2013 site that hasn’t been tampered with much since its inception. Sure, you can complain about the site not offering more games than it does, but then quality is much more important than quality for most of the gamblers ou there. The usage of the provably fair algorithm is ensuring a safe, correct gambling environment.